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Best answer: Tomorrow

What did you call your other accounts?

8 answers · Nantes · 3 days ago
Best answer: And the Best Answer goes to... :D

Is that mean hopeless? I have applied a position 1 month ago. but after HR contacted me for few questions and he passed my resume to hiring manager to review, after that nothing happen...still in progress

She's made me cakes and melted chocolate strawberries before. We get along well, kinda work together but with different companies, today she has message me through an dating app and it's done that match thing. I'm still thinking there's no chance and I'm thinking delete the app and hide it... show more

Idk if im liked at work or not?

4 answers · Strasbourg · 3 days ago
I started a traineeship about a month or so ago and quite honestly I feel like im doing a good job, I've been complemented for having good initiative, I feel like I try to do alot of annoying tasks no one else would want to do to earn my place abit but some of the people there just seem a little blunt, I guess... show more

Best answer: What a nice friend you are. Go and tell her. YOU will not have a friend, or a fling either. Everybody will know you as a .............. that will steal their man. Good luck.

Resume question?

6 answers · Nantes · 1 week ago
Should i put I voulenteered for political campaigns in college as long as I leave it vauge and don t mention which politicians I worked for? This is for a buisness related job.

Are online-degrees more acceptable these days?

10 answers · Nantes · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: The degrees are acceptable (over 80% of HR managers said they viewed online degrees the same way they viewed in person degrees) on one condition - make sure the school is accredited by a valid accreditation body. Also remember that some schools are partially accredited - some degrees are accredited and some... show more

Too many accounts?

8 answers · Reimes · 2 weeks ago

Manifesting skeleton coworkers?

7 answers · Nantes · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Creating a good slacker is too much work! If I were you, I'd go with a liar instead. Though there is the issue of acquiring a Fraud Permit.

I am working in an office 55k a year just enough to pay for dump apartment and cost of “living” I am basically able to afford my own slavery. Yeah if I got into a different job marginally better maybe but would not solve my problem. I was just thinking about quitting and moving into a van and try to figure... show more

How is bread used and marketed today?

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9 answers · Nantes · 2 weeks ago
I made a huge mistake a few months ago where I made the decision to get a 2018 jeep wrangler. 570 a month. 364 for insurance. Don't comment on this post saying how stupid it was, I know! I'm extremely young and made a mistake. That's not even the biggest problem. The problem is that I made a mistake... show more

Best answer: Here's how I would say it, "I respectfully suggest that you look at all your options for resolving this issue but strongly feel that self-fornication might be your best choice."

Best answer: become self employed Invent something. buy a building and become a landlord.

Not sure if $8k isn’t that much money & maybe I should wait & just focus on saving. Really want it tho lol I’m a shopaholic

At my job, we punch in electronically. At the end of the pay period when the payroll manager saw on my timecard that I worked 7 hours and 30 minutes all ten days of the pay period, she multiplied ten by 7.30 hours instead of 7.50 hours. Judging by the difference between a decimal and colon, she should know better.... show more