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Is it ok to eat out of date pudding flling?

3 answers · Other - Australia · 2 days ago

I have a offset 20$ bill 2013 wwhat is it worth?

5 answers · Adelaide · 4 days ago

Best answer: That would depend on the original cost and current value of the microwave. You do know that not all microwaves in use on Earth are equally old or equal in original price, right ?

Another 4 years of Trump?

11 answers · Perth · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Trump has achieved something unprecedented for a president since the modern polling era began: he has never had a positive approval rating. The president's net approval rating peaked in January 2017, when he was sworn into office, when 45 percent approved of him and 47 percent disapproved, according to Gallup... show more

Best answer: 6 x 8 x 11 = $528

Why do I have a stalker moving all my questions?

10 answers · Melbourne · 1 month ago
Best answer: So .. this isn't meant to be a Dining Out in Melbourne Australia then ? My guess is that it's one of the Anonymous answerers you have here !!

What is the drinking water in Broome like?

0 answers · Perth · 7 months ago

CONS: How deep does racism run in your blood?

6 answers · Sydney · 10 months ago
Best answer: To the very core of my soul. Only I call it racial protectionism

Is Fireball a 5 year old? If no why does she act like one?

10 answers · Adelaide · 10 months ago
Best answer: I doubt that even a 5 year old would feel the need to use all caps.

What if I throw a trash can at my co work?

3 answers · Adelaide · 10 months ago
Best answer: son unos tared

how do i kindly and professionally ask a restaurant for my next meal free because they haven’t offered to give me compensation/freebies/discount for the next time i eat there? Btw they stuffed up and gave my order to someone else and by the time i realised all other food stores had closed and i went without dinner!

Do you look at a restaurants reviews before going?

18 answers · Melbourne · 2 years ago
Best answer: I think it is extremely important and to look for places advertised on top websites such as Groupon as they won't send you somewhere average or crap. Food is vital. Have you never watched Gordon Ramsay's kitchen nightmares? Go look on YouTube now. Eating low quality or contaminated food can kill you.

Is koala meat the same thing as?

6 answers · Melbourne · 2 years ago
wombat meat

Best answer: Dine in huts are going the way of the Macarena. People just don't dine in as much anymore. It costs a lot more to operate a dine in and at locations where carryout and delivery made up more than 50% of sales, it just makes sense to only focus on carryout and delivery. It's happening all over. There will... show more

Trump promised to put Hillary in jail. Why isn't he doing it?

25 answers · Law & Ethics · 2 years ago
Best answer: Because that was just a campaign promise. They have been close personal friends for many years. Besides the only evidence against the Clinton's is just Breitbart alternative facts.

Aussies. What's for lunch?

12 answers · Other - Australia · 2 years ago
Best answer: 2 cheese and tomato bread rolls and a cup of tea. (twining's of course)