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I have a car from 2008 but it has no USB ports.

I have a 1999 Mercedes-Benz C280 with an aftermarket radio my brother put in. He lives 5 hours away and isn t answering his phone and I d like to get this figured out before I leave town. The radio turns on, changes stations and inputs and everything but there s no sound in the speakers. Any idea as to why? I tried... show more

Left Car Speakers Stopped Working?

4 answers · 1 week ago
For some reason the door speakers in the left side of my car have stopped working. Everything else is working fine, my right speakers, subwoofer, and even the small tweeter speaker near the window on the left side is working. But for some reason the door speakers arent. There is not audio at all even when the... show more

We quite often park our cars in the garage and will relax in them, I am looking for a way to keep the battery charged so we can listen to music while doing so. We have access to mains power. For reference I have a 1500w peak sub and 4 speakers with a combined 1000w peak in my parcel shelf plus the stock factory... show more

Best answer: As the other speakers work it's got to be the sub woofer and speaker that have blown, no doubt by your insistence in playing excessively loud music through them to the intense annoyance of other road users. Why babies like you feel the need to do this is a mystery to me, would you like it if I went out of my... show more

Are "Powered Subwoofers" worth it?

6 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Some are, some are not. In this case, a powered subwoofer uses a "plate amplifier". If they are under 300 watts, they are worth it. Powerful powered subwoofers over 500 watts aren't worth it. Because, the plate amplifier is installed inside and onto the enclosure. When the subwoofer hits hard and... show more

Turning sub bass down on amp?

4 answers · 2 months ago
My sub sounds great but on some songs it’s too loud where the bass doesn’t sound good like it gets so low it sounds high and has like a farting sound . I want to turn it down lower and from what I have read people have been saying to turn the gain down. I’ve linked a picture of my amp settings would I turn the gain... show more

Best answer: When it is decided there will never be anything better in the future.

Radio won't play cd?

4 answers · 3 months ago
When I put a CD in my CD player on my radio it will spin the CD for a few seconds and then it will stop and it won't play I tried hitting the play button but nothing will work what could be wrong with it?

Best answer: should have a complete kit for it.

Subwoofer in an apartment?

6 answers · 3 months ago
Best answer: How much more louder do you need it to be with a 10,000 watt system in your apartment? It's going to be VERY LOUD and possibly damage your hearing if the volumes on the PA's are high. Those subwoofers will get extremely LOUD around 20-40hz. Lower frequencies will travel farther and every piece of your... show more

New subwoofers seem weak..?

5 answers · 3 months ago
I just installed my rockford subs.. They are 2 10" 4-ohm SVC and came in a sealed box internally wired in parallel to make a 2 ohm amp load. Speakers are 300 RMS total, my amplifier is a rockford R500X1D rated at 500 W x 1 channel @ 2 ohms RMS. For some reason my subs sound very weak when trying to tune them..... show more

Only one speaker in my car works?

7 answers · 5 months ago
Best answer: Double check your wiring, and connections, does the black wire male on the plug go the back female on the connection. Check each connection soldered is better That just twisted also. Thanks Very best wishes Mars Source :) Autontech.

Best answer: No, the whole amplifier doesn’t need to be feeding the speakers/woofers. It all depends on the impedance, the RMS power the amplifier drops out at, and the RMS power on the woofer. For example, here’s an amplifier. It does 1600 watts at a 1 ohm load and 1000 watts at a 4 ohm load. Your woofer is a single voice... show more