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My grandfather has an hp windows vista computer that s been sitting in the office untouched for a few years. He s forgotten the password and doesn t have the disk to recover it either. Is there any way to get into the computer and change the password without resetting the whole computer? We want to get the pictures... show more

What's a good VPN?

5 answers · 3 days ago
For what's it? 2-Are those cells phones good? 5'5' screen ' 1GB de Ram, 8GB de Rom, Camera 5MPX Google play, 4G dual sim Andrid 6 GPS gps camêra 2mpx Dual Sim ____ 4.5'' screen ROM 8GB 4G Camera 8MP 1GB RAM Dual SIm android 7 3-What have to have a good notebook? 4-What have to have a... show more

Someone threatened to ddos me?

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Best answer: It's just some guy BSing you. A DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. That person would require many PCs/devices to try to DDOs you. It is highly unlikely to happen.

True story: Once, in a hotel room, I was using my ipad, with the hotel's wifi, listening to some ice-skating music on youtube, and, to my dismay, the music stopped, I looked on my screen, and there was some message on my screen saying "you're gay"...... okay, very immature, but obviously this... show more

Best answer: VERY true. They catch at most, half the infections. Your good habits matter a hundred times more than any software.

Recorded on webcam random site?

5 answers · 1 week ago
I was recorded on a page like omegle like 2-3 years ago and i m so scared what can happen to me... I didn t gave any personal data but showed my face... I m so worried what can happen or if the video is on the internet and someone finds it... what should i do?

It is possible that through a website or a web page or private browsing, be spied on by the camera even if it is covered please serious answers !!

Best answer: This is a common attempt at extortion currently. The old password came from a leak that happened in another site and was released publicly or sold on the dark web. there's not much else you can do except delete the information and change your passwords if any of them remotely look like the one in the email. If... show more

Can I safely Scam Scammers?

4 answers · 1 week ago
I ve seen a lot of videos lately of people scamming back scammers over email, wasting their time, making fun of them, etc. I m interested in trying this myself, but I just want to make sure I can t get a virus as long *** I don t click on any links they send me. Is this ok?

Will it suffice to just smash it to bits with a hammer?

I found an old email address I haven't used for years on a hackers list. I can't remember the password to get back into the account and it may have been changed. My security answers were not accepted and must have been changed, What can I do?

How do u get rid of brain fog?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: go take a nap and nnaybe you'll get rid of it when you wake up

Best answer: Apparently a neighbor has hacked into your account through an unsecured internet router that you're using.

Make pop ups an ads go away?

7 answers · 3 weeks ago