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So I am really bad with my hair. I wash it once every 2 days and I use heat on it almost every day. My hair, I would say, is quite dry and breaks off easily. My hair simply wont grow and it is really bothering me as I do want longer hair. My friend got some hair extensions done and her hair looked lovely. But she... show more

I always thought contour was just another word for foundation but I know now it means reshaping and improving face and features I'm really unhappy with my face and how my features looks (ugly) so I was thinking of getting plastic surgery when I turn 20. But my big sister has booked me in to get my makeup done... show more

I pray for every atheist on this section. I won't lie. I've seen many angry atheists on here asking why Christians keep trying to convert them. Well, if atheists don't like it why are they on the religion and spirituality section? What do they expect? The fact that they're on here tells me that deep... show more

Best answer: I always notice, that chubbier girls are prettier in the face than thinner ones a lot of times, but not all the time. However, guys would never pick them because they are superficial.

Are Brown eyes pretty?

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Are they? I have dark brown eyes, I think they look like crap. If Brown eyes are pretty, why are they not complemented on? (for example. My sister (yes, my sister has blue eyes) gets compliments all of the time on her sea blue eyes, while I... the brown eyed sister have never heard one single compliment on my eyes... show more

Okay so I am super ugly. Up until I was 16 I was cute at best, average at worst. Then my face grew (I've always had a genetically chubby face) and I've been ugly ever since. How do I know? Every single person of my generation finds my face ugly. They have mocked and insulted the way I look since 16. There... show more

Best answer: Most guys really don't care that much about hair or eye color. They are much more interested in a woman's body and her face.

Best answer: The mirror is a lie. Pictures show you your real self but you're not used to seeing yourself in pictures like you are to mirrors. But others always see the pictures version of you. So if you want to see the mirror equivalent of your picture, put the picture in an editor and flip it sideways.

SO BEUTY IS DEEP? The saying is inane?

Best answer: Obviously she's quite old now. And she has already had several children and a cancer. So she looks just like all those old actresses who prefer looking this Michael Jackson or E.T. rather than showing how old they are. But even if you look at her during her Tomb Raider period, when she was still young and at... show more

Best answer: 4 grams. You you average because the weight from nail to nail might be a bit different

Best answer: Yes

Does she have a symmetrical face?

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Best answer: no

Best answer: How you spend your money is your business. Obviously how much you spend on "beauty" is up to you. I spend a lot on make up and skin care, but I buy most of my clothes at thrift shops and I skip cable TV and a smart phone. I do not have a fancy car........and some guys spend a LOT on their cars! It is... show more

Do they use a particular kind of perfume? Is it purchasable? I don t believe it is the Fendi perfume but maybe it s a more obscure fragrance of theirs.

Best answer: Yeah, but only in the morning before I've had coffee. Toward the afternoon I start looking normal-ish. I think it's understandable to have anxiety about meeting someone you met on-line. If he doesn't accept you, then 'forget him'.