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Why do so many young women get these tattoos?

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We been together for a year now, do something special for her.

Is it safe to clean belly button with dishsoap?

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Best answer: I assume you have your belly button pierced. No, you should never clean your piercing with soap, especially scented soap. It gets in the way of how your body heals, and causes tons if irritation. Just do sea sat soaks. Get a premade bottle of saline solution, you can get this at any drugstore, and use that to... show more

I’ve tried clean & clear.. morning burst & acne wash... but they all seem to dry my face out after a couple times of use... it’s almost like every product I use seem to work the first couple of times I use then it starts to dry my face out around my eyebrows, above & under eyes , around nose & chin... show more

Have you used Tyra Banks facial care? Whats your review?

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Best answer: They are just using her name to sell it. Not like she created a magic formula in her home lab. You could do just as well with generic products from the drugstore or chain store. No need to put more money in her pocket.

Tattooing someone's flash art?

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I'm a bit confused when it comes to flash tattoos. I've come across a lot of flash art that I like and would love to get tattooed on me. Now if I buy their flash sheets I'm assuming I'm free to get it on me?

What if u don't have money to repierce your closed piercing?

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How do I deal with my outie belly button?

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I just started talking to this girl recently and we both have an interest in each other, how do I deal with the fact that my belly button can off put her? I've been really wanting to get it removed but I don't know how to talk to my mom about it.

Best answer: Sounds like they might be stress/nervous related. I would find a way to relax as much as possible before going. As far as it messing up the tat while it is healing, I don't think you should worry too much. If the tissue swells, it will go back down. It might make it a little less crisp, but that is not very... show more

Labret stud in ear hurts and won't come out!?

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Best answer: It sounds irritated. I would stop trying to remove the jewelry and focus on calming down the redness. Go to the drugstore and get sterile saline wound wash spray. This should be near the bandages. The only ingredients should be sodium chloride and water. Get some sterile gauze pads too. Saturate a gauze pad... show more

Could I do modelling? Is my body in good shape for this?

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They look like very thin scratches with very thin scabs and are pretty smooth besides the slight rough feeling to the scabs, and are only extremely visible in bright light. ive been putting anti bacterial spray, and petroleum jelly on them.

I have a pimple where I'm getting my eyebrow pierced, what do I do?

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So I have a small pimple where the brow piercing would go or be right next to it. I'm going in and getting it done later today. Should I do it on the other side or should I not worry about the one mall pimple?

I have very red lips and fair skin and it just looks bad and seems to stand out to much flushing out my skin color. Looks like I ate a red popsicle or strawberrys and it smeered all over my mouth. Reminds me of clown lips lol. I just really want nude or light pink lips that don't stand out a lot at all and... show more