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Honest answers plz

If seen it in my own family too. And all of the liberals close to me also have psychological issues, I know first hand. Im a moderate Democrat. They flip out if you disagree with them in the slightest and try to force their opinions. And Ive seen the same thing all over but i know first hand the ones in my life... show more

I hate them both, they are equally bad. They both have a lot in common. Self loathing, stupid, mean, rude, depend on their American/English neighbors for EVERYTHING, dirt poor, hated by everyone, ugly, short, fat, dark skinned, lazy, feckless, uncool, etc. I dont know who is a bigger dick, a French Speaker... show more

Do I have a eating disorder?

9 answers · 20 hours ago
Today I have eaten a few bites of an apple and a low calorie ready meal (probably has about 370 calories in), but I still feel guilty about that. Typically aim to eat 500 calories a day, sometimes i will eat over that but even then it’s less than 1000 calories. Although I rarely ever binge, i did yesterday, I never... show more

Help I can’t cope!!??

12 answers · 1 day ago
I worry about absolutely everything and it seems every week there seems to be something new for me to worry about. I’m so sick and tired of being anxious all the time I’m like a bag of nerves. I just feel like never going back to work, and hiding under my duvet forever and ever. I don’t want to speak to anyone ever... show more

Should I go to ER?

16 answers · 2 days ago
I have always suffered from extreme anxiety, so every pain or weird symptom, I always just chalk it up to anxiety. But this does not feel like anxiety. I feel cold, shaky (but not because I’m cold, like tremors) my heart is racing, and I feel very nausea. I just feel out of it, and as I know these are common... show more

Best answer: Let is soak in a pixie dust solution.

Best answer: Yes! An easy way to know if a person is depressed is if they like to watch garbage like My Little Pony.

Name a good drug for depression?

10 answers · 15 hours ago
Best answer: Paxil is very good

Why is trolling so common on here?

12 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: The idiot masses...

So I locked him in a cage so do I get him put down or do I keep him? im very afraid that he will attack me and my family since he ate raw meat!

People are answering them by saying “go ahead and do it” or “Stop being a whiny little brat” or directing them to websites on how to do it? How do such sick people exist? Is this what makes America great? Do Europeans say these types of things? Or is this a typically American phenomenon? Like “stop being a... show more

Best answer: you would get fired

Will this help me die?

37 answers · 6 days ago
I’m suicidal. Except I’m too chicken to actually act upon it. I’m 18 and have been sacked from my first job and a college dropout I eat very little. I over sleep (sometimes think of it as practising being dead) I fall asleep past midnight then wake up at 2-4 pm. I’ve been skipping breakfast and lunch for months now

Why don't you guys bully me more??

10 answers · 2 days ago
I'm like totally assking for it. cmon.