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They resembled the rest of the population of the Mediterranean like the North Africans, Arabs, Turks etc. Modern day Italians sort of look White because they're mixed with Celtic and Germanic blood. All those ''ancient statues'' that look White are fake. Its impossible to find 3000 year old... show more

I'm not sure if I'm just nihilistic or suicidal, but I am a cutter

Best answer: Most will not

My dream is dead I can't get past it?

17 answers · 2 weeks ago
Ever since I was little I have been singing and I always wanted to be a singer. I studied, practiced everyday for hours, and two years ago after a surgery my voice was gone, and my dreams and plans and all I have ever worked for were gone with it. Ever since I have been depressed and anxious, but I still practiced... show more

im 26 never had a job or gf, still a virgin got no friends and no social life and I can’t do anything because of this problem I have. I live with my mom and get a small amount of welfare every month which doesn’t last more than a week. I’m on an antidepressant which helps but isn’t enough and I’ve tried cbt therapy... show more

My life is a disaster?

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Stay at home literally almost everyday 23 years old playing computer games and watching streams on smartphone roughly 12 hours a day this year since I can t find a part time job or do anything because I have anxiety and I can t seem to make friends with anyone. Some days I get out of the house but like once a week.... show more

Told wife fantasy? Advice?

24 answers · 2 weeks ago
Its been a few weeks since i started having this fantasy. I guess it's been buried deep down until I felt confortable enough with someone to tell them. Any way we we're kinda just starting to mess around and in a flirty manor she said you want me to go find someone else just playfully to tease me. This time... show more

Do Therapists Actually care?

4 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Some do actually care. Some are just putting in time to collect a pay cheque. That goes for pretty much all of the professions.

So basically since i was young i was always afraid of big crowds and stuff which i know is normal to be anxious about. But being 18 i feel wierd that i'm not like my sisters or many people for that matter. For example today i went to an internet cafe as they had a printer and i don't at home. Everytime i go... show more

Say for example that a dying wealthy lord decided to give his manor and fortune to a goat for whatever reason, how would a situation like that unfold? - Wealthy lord dies. - Bring said goat to the manor to live out the rest of its days. - Someone takes care of the goat using the fortune and acts as lord in the... show more

Hi Im a vegetarian for 8 years now and im a male 32 years old and 2 years into my vegetarianism i started growing my first white hair and since then increasing till today and also same for my 2 years younger brother who with whom i started my vegetarianism and genetically our parents and uncles and aunts from both... show more

Best answer: I really dont like all the abuse you are recieving just because you are concerned about an elderly couple purchasing a pet dog! I can understand your concerns!. A dog may well cause an elderly person to trip or lose their balance, especially when coming downstairs. Also, are they fit enough to put the dog/s out at... show more

Women's underwear guide for men!?

21 answers · 2 weeks ago
I'm been itching to try wearing bras and panties for a while but lost on the sizing as im a guy (weighing 130kg) What size should i go for as I'm considering buying everything online!

Is Talking To Audience Common?

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Best answer: Breaking the fourth wall is a theatre tradition as well. The sixteenth century comedy "The Knight of the Burning Pestle" (which is sort of prehistoric "Monty Python"), and its logical 21st century descendant "Spamalot", not only breaks, but demolishes, that hypothetical fourth wall.

My boyfriend took me to one of his work parties. A lot of the men at the party were either gay or bisexual. The rest of the men were married to women. And one point one of the men was mentioning a time when my boyfriend hosted a party at his house and slept in the same bed as him and that things got too ‘handsy’.... show more