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Aries: Some of the meanest people I have met. Often very mean, talk **** behind your back and to your face. Selfish. But I am often sexually attracted to them. They are damn sexy. Taurus: My favorite sign.Loyal, dependable (most times) Calm, cool and collected. Most Tauruses love food of any sort, which I really... show more

WHY are Aquarians so fake?

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Theyre only around when they need you but once they’re doing good you dont hear from them. So frustrating

Best answer: You’ve put it in the most relatable words! I know what you’re talking about. I’m sorry you have to deal with such...you know. In their defense, immature unevolved Cancer women behave like this. The issue is within the individuals you’ve encountered. You can sense a bit of jealousy in mature Cancer women, but... show more

The more I think it's real.Why is that?

Opinion on water signs (zodiac)?

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Best answer: You are a Gemini.

Horoscope is not real?

15 answers · 4 days ago
Change my mind

Best answer: I like astrology but honestly that sounds like most people lol

Astrology is fake?

17 answers · 5 days ago

Best answer: Team B

Best answer: Janet may never have heard of it, but the question makes perfect sense. The idea is to combine the meanings of the planets with the meanings of the houses. That's astrology 101. The Moon is the symbol of fertility and generation. The 6th house represents diseases or illnesses or things wrong with the body as... show more

Water crab and water scorpion woman are gorgeous and feminine but, Pisces woman are manly! Look for example for Ruby Rose of Elly Jackson aka Roux

Guess my zodiac sign ?

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Best answer: Because they are manly lesbians.