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I am on my 2nd sagittarius, and we have minor issues. I accuse him of talking to other women even though I have no proof. He swears on his life he's not doing that. I want to know if anyone is married to, or in a LONG TERM relationship with a sagittarius man, and has had NO infidelity issues with them.... show more

Best answer: Pfft LEO will pound you sheep aries A$$ into lamb mince meat And Make Aquarius eat it like a bit(h

Like two pisces would get along, a lot of people believe this Stuff, But it’s not backed by any scientific evidence

I know in reality Capricorn women are not boring they're hyper acting and energetic like Jennie on the Real Leos are not attention seeking with huge egos most are shy and down to earth Libras are not peacemakers or passive aggressive they're firecrackers like Cardi b Scorpios are not evil and dark... show more

Which zodiac is the alpha female?

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Verbally abusive, manipulative

-Sociable -Willing to do new things -Upbeat -Moderately Tempered -Strong -Stubborn

They act one way around attractive men but they are bitches towards other women. Guys will think they wouldn’t hurt a fly but tbh I think the way a woman treats other women shows a lot about the person.

Best answer: They are ruled by Venus and hate when other females get more male attention especially an Aquarius or Aries who are not ruled by Venus. It drives them mad, they have so much hatred running through their veins it’s hilarious. They try to point out every single flaw possible in attempts to bringing that person down.... show more

Does this girl look like a Scorpio?

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She is one and she is crazy and creepy too.

What is your Zodiac Sign?

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Best answer: Wrong. Libra is ruled by Pallas Libra women are tomboyish and manly 👲👕👖

Best answer: I’m the best and proud of it

Best answer: Congrats dear <3

Aquarius is the best sign ever?

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Best answer: No. Gemini and Leo are perfectionist sign.

Best answer: I think you've answered your question correctly. Because I just couldn't agree more with you since your response is just what I wanted to claim. Never trust a Pisces. These people always rely/depend on powerful people. When they cannot get any benefits more, then it's time for them to betray you. Fixed... show more

Best answer: Ewww pimple popping! I wouldnt watch anything like that.