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Is it basically suicide?

Best answer: Because what used too be a 2" x 4", is now a 1.5/8 x 3.5/8. If one would always go to the closest inch, nothing would fit.

Best answer: It depends on why you were honorably discharged, but short answer YES you can re enlist unless it says otherwise in your discharge. Just because you have a new identity doesnt mean your a "new" person. The military will know you have served before under a different name which is why they ask the did you... show more

Poll:Soda or Pop?

31 answers · 4 days ago
Do you call it sprite or sierra mist?

Best answer: I have a twin size bed and I'm fat so there are no sides. I take up the whole space

Is that a great oxymoron or what?

Best answer: There was this lady who had a super heavy flow that day and all I could smell was discharge and period blood, almost threw up, and was stuck on the public bus (which smells like a** already) next to her for a good hour. (EDIT) I am a woman and I am not saying periods are irrelevant im just saying she could've... show more

Best answer: I already did. :)

Where to locate dog eggs?

12 answers · 2 days ago
I need a dog egg for my friends birthday, I looked everywhere! Even asked a dog for one. It said no. But where oh where can I locate one??????????? Thanks :)

Going to court, especially sitting on a jury, is... so...boring. Do judges ever clear the way for a little entertainment?