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What should I name my new dog?

33 answers · 1 day ago
Here he is!

If you know what I mean!

Best answer: Cardi B is just the new thing, people love new things

I'm from the UK and what I see in CNN America is non-sense. A black can insult the president but if the president defends himself, then he is racist. So the blacks in America have this kind of immunity where they can attack but cannot be attacked, for it would be racist. In my opinion this is complete... show more

Best answer: LOL! You left the word least out before "honorable".

Best answer: Yes. (that was easy).

Best answer: A direct pipeline from the White House.

What is your order?

13 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: 2 shredded beef enchiladas, rice and beans, and a Dr. Pepper, please. Oh, and if it's not too much trouble, some chips and salsa would be nice. Thank you!

Best answer: Of course. Nothing less than 100mph and definitely NO lights. FFS

Is Trump a rough rider?

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3,027 Mexicans were caught entering the US illegally last year... from Canada. Why? Because a one-way flight to Canada is only about $300, so if you save that kind of money up you can just fly to Canada then come into the US that way. Seems like we need two border walls now LOL