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True or False: You are female?

28 answers · 17 hours ago
Best answer: False I am a male. Interesting fact: All humans start of as a female.

Have you ever been to America ?

22 answers · 10 hours ago
Best answer: no. but the culture is so dominant globally I feel America has been to me anyhow.

Are you ugly?

22 answers · 15 hours ago

How do you dodge a military draft?

7 answers · 3 hours ago

I am stopping gay marriage?!?

16 answers · 2 hours ago
As a CITIZEN of the great USA, I am doing everything I can to make it great again with our moral Christian president in office. One of the biggest concerns I have is stopping these immoral, disgusting gay "marriages" which are plaguing this nation. They are putting on a course to damnation. How do we... show more

Best answer: Level 5 in Yahoo answers :)

Have you ever been knocked out?

25 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: No but I once fainted in the shower

Best answer: It started as a rumour in the National Enquirer, Gere has denied it; and a lot of the facts surrounding the circumstances don't match up. Ultimately, the only people who know the truth are Gere and the gerbil.

Hi. I’m new to puppy ranching and was told this is the best place to ask cause of all the backyard breeders that answer questions here. Well I’m looking to get rich like you off of puppies. I can get a lot of cages to contain the animals on my property. How many bitches should I get to so my puppy farm is making... show more

What does a hair dryer do?

14 answers · 1 day ago

transphobe, homophobe, or hater of Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, Catholics, Hinduists, Protestants, or Shintoists?