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Best answer: We are all a single species - Homo Sapiens. True.

I'm debating whether or not to take an ancestry DNA test or continuing searching through documents such as birth certificates, census records etc. Would I be better off just continuing looking through documents or would ancestry DNA give me accurate results on my ancestors birth locations?

One day I went to go visit a ancestor of mine who died around 1970. Since she had no children or other close relatives at the time, there wasn't really a headstone made for her when she passed away. Is there any suggestions for making something to remember her by? A cross? A headstone? Thanks

Best answer: In the 11th century nobody had regular surnames. A man called John could be identified, and distinguished from anyone else called John, in four main ways: - By saying whose son he was: e.g. "John Robert's son". - By adding his occupation, e.g. "John Potter" - By a nickname, e.g. "John... show more

Hey, Thanks in advance for your help. I’m in my mid 20’s and have never known my father. Finding my father has proven Impossible and I don’t realky want to find him either. My mum is very vague when it comes to details about my father. I watch these television shows all the time where they test the child and the... show more

I am looking into my family s history online and I ve found almost nothing

Questions about DNA and genes?

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My friend just did one of those ancestry DNA test and just got her results. This really isn't about their accuracy. I'm actually more curious about DNA itself and whether 2 kids with the same parents will have the exact same results. Technically, if they have the same parents, they have the same family... show more

I wasn't born in Africa, I was born in the American continent, in my beautiful Puerto Rico Island... I am mostly of african descent (77 percent) 18 percent of european ancestry and the other is native, and south asian. Yes I have more african ancestry, but what generation of my family was actyally born in... show more

Best answer: No idea, but it has nothing to do with genealogy research

Best answer: If you were born in the Western Hemisphere, most likely you came from West Africa. The majority of blacks from W. Africa came from present day Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire, Benin, and Sierra Leone. Africa has hundreds of languages, but the Mbeka indicates the Fulani language (I believe).

Am I part polish or German?

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Best answer: Find out where your ancestors lived. Depending on where they lived, they may have spoken Polish or German. You can figure out what modern country that city or village is located in.

Best answer: No idea, sure there is something online about his parents/ancestry and if you are interested you can search in the same way anyone else could........ probably is nothing to do with geeralogy research, that is about facts from the researched written records

What Scottish clan do I descend from?

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Best answer: Even if you really do have Scottish blood, it is quite likely that you are not descended from any clan at all. The clan system was a feature only of the Gaelic-speaking society of the Highlands and the Isles; Lowland and Eastern Scotland was organised quite differently. So unless your ancestors were not merely... show more