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I cannot afford to buy a $300 program. Where can I get it for free?

How do you build a missile silo?

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Why is Microsoft office so expensive?

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Activate printer?

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How to activate Windows?

7 answers · Software · 14 hours ago
I recently bought a laptop with windows 10 preinstalled, but it keeps asking me for a product key to activate Windows. I have no idea where the product key is or where to find it. Or do I have to buy the product key for $120?

My mom got the google whole home and now all the porn sites are blocked. I can only get on OPERA and use VPNs. But, will she be able to see the sites I tried to visit?

Best answer: It won't hurt it at all. You'll just use some more electricity. Doing a big download? Be sure to go into "Power Options", and turn off any time-based sleep or hibernate settings. Feel free to turn off your monitor with the power switch. Everything will be fine.

Best answer: Yes, it’s still illegal. However, you can LEGALLY obtain cheap Windows PCs and their low end hardware should have no problem running old versions of Office, which I assume can now be obtained cheaply and legally.

Forgot password for Windows Vista Computer?

7 answers · Security · 2 days ago
My grandfather has an hp windows vista computer that s been sitting in the office untouched for a few years. He s forgotten the password and doesn t have the disk to recover it either. Is there any way to get into the computer and change the password without resetting the whole computer? We want to get the pictures... show more

How Many coaxial to Ethernet adapters do I need?

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I have my modem connected to a coaxial outlet already for the tv, and I want to also use a coaxial outlet for Ethernet on my desktop, in addition to the coaxial to Ethernet adapter that I will need at my desktop, will I need another one going from an Ethernet port on my router into a coaxial outlet, or should the... show more

Using a computer monitor as a T.V?

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I was thinking of getting a new T.V because mine is outdated and does not fit stuff well. I try adjusting the screen settings, but it only does so much. I was looking at newer T.V's, which are pretty pricey. However my friend told me about using a computer monitor as a T.V. Where would be a good place to start?

Which PSU do i need for the following specs?

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CPU: i7-4770, GPU: RX 480 RAM: 8gb please help me, Please!

Why is facebook off line?

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Parents won’t upgrade WiFi?

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Best answer: A local network is called a LAN, Ethernet was twice as fast as Wi-Fi until Wi-Fi Mesh arrived; That uses both of the free frequencies , 2.4 and 5 and all of the channels allocated which is a lot and so is much better. Regards, Bob UK.

Correct me if I am wrong. Is Google a website that has a search engine embeded to it? Or, is Google just a search engine (not a website). Apparently, my partner is arguing about it.

Should we subscribe to PewDiePie?

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