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We have no WiFi because wiring is old!?

14 answers · Other - Internet · 3 days ago
Hello.. I recently bought a mobile home in a mobile home park in a big city within Los Ángeles, Ca. After we moved in the manager notified us that the only type of internet we are able to have is satalite internet due to the fact that the wiring was very old and the owners of the park did not want to get new wiring... show more

Wtf happened to YouTube that one night?

11 answers · YouTube · 1 day ago
Any one know what the hell happened to YouTube that one night when it went out for Ann hour

What’s the best Wi-Fi name you’ve seen?

65 answers · Computer Networking · 7 days ago

Why do some devices work on home wifi but others don't?

9 answers · Computer Networking · 3 days ago
Up until yesterday we had a couple laptops, a couple cellphones, and a PS3 that all worked on our home wifi. Our ISP had an outage that lasted about 4 hours, and since it came back the laptops still work fine but the cell phones and PS3 will connect to wifi but can't access the internet. I've spent all day... show more

Best answer: of course it's not true - this happens every year - gullible people start sharing this rumor - it's just not going to happen - stop believing stupid things you see on your phone, kid

Which programming language to learn?

11 answers · Programming & Design · 2 days ago

Installing windows 7 on a windows 10 computer?

6 answers · Software · 4 hours ago

How do I clean my computer?

9 answers · Other - Computers · 1 day ago

Who else’s YouTube isn’t working?

20 answers · YouTube · 5 days ago

Is LED lighting harmful?

11 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 2 days ago
im a worrier and im worried about this at the moment, because ive heard on the internet, on youtube by a user called the fullerton informer that LED lighting is harmful to human eyes? and without realizing it before, this laptop that ive had since 2012, which im using now has LED backlighting in the screen....and... show more

Best answer: A good VPN, firewall, and anti-malware/virus help. And turn off all automatic updates and synchronize.

Burn ins can appear if theres a same image on a screen (or any part of the screen) for an extended time period 4 hrs or so. It would be great if there was an app that would e.g. make a giant turtle to come every 2 hours and cover the entire screen for half a second in order to prevent burn ins... Are there any... show more

Best answer: At least one.