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Do i have a lemon on my car?

9 answers · Dodge · 23 hours ago
So i bought my 2013 dodge dart on march 31 2018. 2 weeks after the sun visor broke off and the dealer said they cannot do anything about it. Then i found out the lights on the back seat of the car is broken.Then a few months later i was told i need transmission fluid. I get that taken care of then a month later i... show more

Volkswagen in the US?

7 answers · Volkswagen · 2 days ago
Why is it that you don t see any volkswagen car in the US market? found it strange considerinf they are juge worldwide

I have a 2000 Lincoln Town Car and it says it is getting 14.9 MPG. Is there a problem with the car, or is there anything I can do to get it around 18-20 MPG (average city/hwy MPG)?

Should I buy a Pontiac Solstice??

6 answers · Pontiac · 2 days ago
Hello, I was thinking about purchasing a Pontiac solstice. It’s on craigslist and has 10,350 miles for only $10,000!!! I currently borrow my family members 2012 Camaro. What do you people think? I’m 21 BTW I commute to work 4 miles everyday.

Could an amateur rebuild a 5.0 coyote?

8 answers · Ford · 3 days ago
Best answer: Fun fact, the Gen 2 and Gen 3 Coyote (2015+) has forged rods and a forged crank, and it's good for 750+ RWHP on the stock internals. You don't really need to upgrade the bottom end.

i changed the compressor (a bought a used one) i changed the condenser too.but still i only get cool air not cold.i cleaned the cabin filter also.

I have a 2003 Honda Element with the 4 speed EX awd. Recently i took my car on a cruise and luckily I happen to find a long stretch of a road that had NO TRAAFFIC other than just plain flat aspalt, I decided to see how fast the car was able to go. After the test, I was not really pleased with the results of my car.... show more

Best answer: price charles would beat him with his floppy ears

Chevy truck will roll over will; not start?

6 answers · Chevrolet · 3 days ago
no spart to plugs

Where can i find the VIN number for the 2002 lancer?

7 answers · Mitsubishi · 5 days ago