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How to check in/out of airport when traveling to another country?

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I recently traveled to Canada and had to check out when I landed. Upon checking out, the staff asked me,' why are you coming to Canada?' To which i answered, 'im here for vacation. sightseeing and just exploring the country while im on my winter vacation from school' The staff rebutted saying that... show more

I'm from cali and I'm going to visit my aunt for spring break and I've been wondering whether or not I'll still be able to drive in Florida with a license from CA?

Why are there so many Prius in California?

8 answers · Los Angeles · 9 hours ago
There all over!

Europe actually has more work life balance better healthcare and more days off

Best answer: I liked North Carolina and Tennessee. Nice people and such a beautiful environment. But there's something special about Colorado and her mountains, too.

Did he accidentally get into the car at Norfolk that was really "prepared" for Megan Markle. Markle gets in, her car "slides" off the road. Oh dear another horrible royal road crash. Oh shame. But instead that stubborn racist old fool gets into the car.

Are white Australians racists?

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Best answer: There's just so much tolerance in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Can i move to the north pole?

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Do you eat Kangaroo?

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Best answer: Yes, occasionally.

Best answer: Make him do community service, I would love to see him litter picking in his Hi- viz.

Has anybody visited Alaska? Would u live there?

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I have lived here since 1999?! Still here. Anybody? Why or why not ?

Should Cato return?

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between William and Harry which are threatening to bring the good name of the monarchy into disrepute.

Best answer: We are in the same boat. I get a Centrelink pension, not much more than that. I would love to work and I am taking steps to upskill and hone my skills and confidence, but it is a losing battle. I live in a nice unit and some weeks it's a struggle, but I save money also. I am grateful they have given me money... show more