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I mean, just look at her and you will that she is not fit to be in the royal family. But there is always an idiot in the family tree to ruin decades of good breeding, in that case, Harry. I think it is a good thing they are going to Africa and leave the palace only for those who are fit to be there. What do... show more

They now use this man made coal for power station?

How to ease my fear of flying?

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I am terrified of planes. I will be flying for my 7th time tomorrow and I am dreading it , every time I fly I am more scared than the time before. I'm even considering canceling the entire thing. I hate the way that my body feels. Even when I convince myself that I'm in the safest mode of transportation... show more

Best answer: They make lots of money from overseas students then pay lots of tax that is the only reason the federal government lets them do it . I say it's time restriction were put on them and the visa system tightened up to stop the students staying here when they finish their course .

Best answer: I live in the US. You take out the Africa out of our crime stat's and we are safer than most of Europe. You will never meet with violence here as long as you stay out of our African neighborhoods which are ALWAYS the worst part of town. Endless whine, endless social programs, endless taxes and to have... show more

Best answer: Be CAREFUL!............. The TRANNYS body FLIUDS are TOXIC!...........😂😂😂😂

What’s the best airline seat?

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Will she take him for a ride in her golden carriage?

Does drinking cow urine cures cancer?

22 answers · Men's Health · 4 days ago
Best answer: Gross. NO.

Best answer: It is a very time consuming travel. And his jet cannot fly there non stop. It would have to land and refuel. Security is a factor.

Best answer: Roughly six and a half minutes, just shy of being dumb enough to be a flat earther.

Best answer: No, everyone in the royal family knew,he told her the relationship had ended, he lied.

Do you think British accents are annoying?

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My dad loves British accents. He is like literally obsessed with it to the point of going to London heathrow Airport just to hear the people’s accents there which I think is a little odd. Meanwhile my mom hates it and thinks British accents are annoying. So what are your thoughts on this?

Why do Asians wear masks?

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Especially at airports at arrival flights from Asian countries like China in particular. Not all wear masks but quite a lot do especially the women. Why is this?

The minor Royals should have to draw up work plans with Job Centre Consultants, then show that they have spent 35 hr per week fulfilling their responsibilities - you know, going around meeting people and stuff for all those hours.