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Best answer: His brain is getting tired from remembering what lie he told yesterday so he knows which one to tell today. This Presidential stuff is hard. Too stressful, so he wants out...impeachment is his best bet. Then he won’t have to worry about getting re-elected and can just go back to golf and corrupt business... show more

I have extreme anxiety about catastrophic events?

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I am paralyzed by anxiety fear. I constantly worry about big world events that could kill me, for example economic collapse, climate change, nuclear war, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. I'm so scared that one of these things is going to kill me. I don't even like going outside because of this fear

Do you believe in climate change?!?

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I do! But recently found out my coworker thinks it’s not real. What do you think? (Just wondering how many other people think it’s fake).

How close is this to the truth?

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In anthropogenic global warming theory, CO2 is regarded as the controlling GHG despite the fact that H2O vapor is by far the strongest GHG, both spectrally and in concentration. AGW advocates argue this point by claiming that the H20 vapor greenhouse effect cannot be a temperature "forcing" due to its... show more

Best answer: A few observations about the graph. 1. NOAA would disagree with the ice age after 2000, but even they acknolwedge that "...global warming....has unequivocally ended..." since 2012. 2. Climate variablity is natural. We tend to be products of our time, and fail to see the long term. Again, NOAA says that... show more

With the use of clean energy (wind & solar) can we create machines that can break down the CO2 (and also the CH4) in our atmosphere in such quantities that it will stop the global warming? What does it even take to rip apart a CO2 molecule? How can we replicate photosynthesize?

I know that I am not going to give up my lifestyle to stop climate change.

Not to mention solar and wind are not green at all due to mining and manufacturing and don't put out enough energy to meet demand.

Best answer: Global warming was a name that political hacks gave to try to fool the gullible that our CO2 emissions were causing significant or harmful warming. When warming "paused" in the early 2000s, the name was changed to "climate change" so that they could push their leftist agenda when anything... show more

What do you consider a trend when measuring temperature?

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Best answer: I think it is important to look at long term trends when trying to determine the effects of CO2. You have to look at least 1000 years to the last time temperatures were near to what they are today. When you look at some of the plants that were growing in northern Scandinavia or the reports of the extent of... show more

What has Trump got against the environment?

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Best answer: It makes a mockery of his hair when it's windy ...

Is global warming a policy issue?

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I need to write a 1500+ word essay on a policy issue of our choice in any level of government but I was wondering if global warming counted? It's too late to ask my teacher by the way (procrastination am I right?).


Best answer: Exxon Mobil is STILL funding denialist claims - and the Koch Bros too - and every republican in congress plus the f*cking president. Plus every crackpot rightwing opinion site out there - all feeding the morons who don't get it that the American corporate system is inimical to modern civilization.

Why is it a bad idea to burn garbage?

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