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Steven Crowder backed out of a debate with Sam Seder. Ann Coulter and Candace Owens backed out on Secular talk, Tomi Lahren backing out on David Pakman, and Ben Shapiro not wanting to debate anyone at Politicon. What's going on?

Why does Ann Coulter have so much power over Trump?

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Best answer: Most likely

Should we change mlk day to Donald J. trump day?

13 answers · Politics · 17 hours ago
Trump did more for blacks than Martin Luther king, Lebrun James and 0bongo combined

Why are Trump supporters frightened of Kamala Harris?

17 answers · Politics · 13 hours ago
Best answer: LOL Nothing about Cacala Hairy is frightening she may be funny because she's not worth being taken serious

Biggest headline I saw today read "Kamala Harris is first black female to run for President!" Ok.... Now do you have any actual Presidential qualities? I mean, other than race and gender.....

Why does President Trump dislike immigrants?

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What is the best thing America has ever done?

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Best answer: Scientific breakthroughs.However,I think if you had a list of what america has done well and what it has done bad....America would be going to the bad fire,if it does indeed exist.

Will Donald Trump be reelected?

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What is the problem with Nancy Pelosi?

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Best answer: She is an unamerican globalist and wants to see the One World Government happen. She wants to ban guns and insert "hate speech" laws. She is against the constitution and America as we know it. The Patriots of America will not let her bring us down. As long as freedom and liberty exist, we will always be... show more

What political party is brainwashed the most ?

73 answers · Politics · 2 days ago
Best answer: All of them

How long will Trump hold our government hostage?

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Do you agree the MAGA hat is the new white hood?

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Why did the baby boomers destroy america?

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Best answer: You can't put all or even most of the blame on people who were born between 1946 and 1964. LBJ's 'Great Society' with its invention of Medicare, and a Congress that started taking money from the Social Security trust fund and leaving behind IOUs began before a majority of Boomers could even vote. ... show more

Do you support or oppose the wall?

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Michelle Obama would be a good president?

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what. do. you. think. ?

Do you think that Trump is healthy physically?

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Best answer: LOL