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So , razor wire is "beautiful" now? I was picturing a wall with like flower holders and stuff. ....or nice Trees planted along the Whole wall..............I wasn't really picturing prison barbed wire.

Best answer: Liberals like it when everybody’s told what to do and how to live by an authoritarian government

Best answer: we aren't. we do want to do things the right way ... and that means via science and improving the economy instead of increasing regulations just to regulate and give more/bigger handouts

Best answer: No of course not. Lol

Congrats to RICK SCOTT?

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ANOTHER REPUBLICAN heading to DC..wuuwhooo!

Why do so many people support Donald Trump?

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I am not sure why

Does Trump have many sexual misconduct allegations against him? Why aren't people sctrutinizing Trump for his rape allegations? Why was it so easy for Bill Clinton to get impeached when Trump has done so many impeachable things?

Why don’t democrats want to represent all Americans?

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Why do rich people often times dress like slobs?

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Would you shake Donald Trump's hand?

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Best answer: We have the second amendment, so that's not happening.

Was George W. Bush the worst president in US history?

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Best answer: No, James Buchanan was, he probably caused the civil war; although Trump seems to have his eye on that crown.

Best answer: The whole world should have the day off.

Best answer: There's a difference between an acting AG and a permanent AG. When he appoints a permanent AG, that person will have to be confirmed.

Best answer: Yes.