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My ex boyfriend adopted a cat for me. I paid but I couldn't put my address down so he put his. we broke up and now I'm anxious we have been apart for over 2 years so kinda late to be worryed but I saw a video about how ellen DeGeneres adopted a dog and gave it to a family and it was taken... show more

Is it safe to leave a pit bull with a baby?

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Best answer: HELL NO!

or anything that will freshen his breath. Should I have his teeth cleaned. His last annual exam, the vet said his teeth look ok. Are Chihuahuas notorious for having bad teeth/breath?

My dog keeps peeing in her crate?

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I really have no idea what happened to make him this way. He never leaves the house so he couldn't have been bitten by anything. He just all of a sudden couldn't walk straight yesterday, he'll end up walking sideways and eventually falling. He's been like panting non stop. Now he's just sleeping... show more

I'm very concerned and scared.. My dog is 2 years old (Maltese) Yes, My mom gave her a bath but her right eye was completely shut. My mom putted eyedrops (Not for dogs) but her right eye were half way open. 1) My sister said I should take it to the vet or wait for weeks to heal 2) My roommate said just wait... show more

What's the best pet to have Dog or a cat?

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Best answer: Dog. Dogs love you, can be trained. You take them on walks, so you get exercise. Cats are unsanitary. They poop in a box that they walk around in and dig in, then track that fecal matter everywhere.

How do you make your dog more aggressive?

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I spent a lot of money for a pure breed Rottweiler, and I am very disappointed with him because he is too friendly with strangers. I am annoyed because he has an abnormal eagerness to be friendly with people, and it makes me very angry that he would potentially let a stranger to trespass without penalty. I have... show more

My dog keeps running away what should i do??

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What do you feed your cat?

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Dog Yelps When I Barely Grab Her Neck/Collar?

11 answers · Dogs · 11 hours ago
She’s never done this until just recently, but sometimes she’s being crazy or I just wanna pull her closer to me so I will gently try and grab her scruff/collar and now she freaks out and yelps like I hurt her! I don’t know why she’s doing this

Is it illegal to hit your dog if it bites you?

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My dog bit me because I went to go pet it and she had a bone and i guess she was just defending it but many people at my school said that they would call the cops on me and that I was a peace of **** for doing it I just want to know if maybe it it justifies my actions I need a second opinion

How do I cope with the death of my dog?

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I just found out that he has cancer today and we’re going down to the dog hospital later to say our final goodbyes. I haven’t been able to stop crying for over an hour and I know it’s not going to stop anytime soon. This is going to be extremely hard for me as I’m a very emotional person and the dog and I had a... show more

My dog is too loud at night?

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Best answer: Get that dog to therapy. And then get yourself off drugs.

What kind of dog should I get?

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I prefer medium to large dogs I like them to be well tempered I like them to be loyal I like them to be on the smarter side

I know that larger breeds require more protein growing up but idk how big she will be. She's a border collie/lab/golden retriever mix. She's 6.5 ibs at 10 weeks old. I asked my vet but her answer was kind of confusing so much so I forgot what exactly she said. She kind of just told me the difference between... show more