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Poll: would you eat dog food?

58 answers · Dogs · 4 days ago

Our neighbor’s own two large white dogs, and for the past 5 months they have been hopping our wall into our backyard. I have pictures and videos for proof, these animals are not only hopping our wall but all of the neighbor’s as well. The dogs seem to stare down barking at all of the other animals in the... show more

I've changed two kinds of foods and went through a variety of snacks but nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any advice?

Cat smelled my vape! Is that ok?

10 answers · Cats · 1 day ago
I was playing around with my vape and my cat was beside me. It was turned on and my cat came over and smelled it directly in front of the mouth piece. I didn’t know it was bad for cats until I did some research after, and now I’m really concerned. Is my cat going to be okay?

Returning an adopted dog (within 24hrs)?

16 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
Best answer: I would say you were mislead but you did spend some time with the dog. He was nothing like what was described and would not have gotten along with your other dog. I don't care if no one else would want him - he did not fit in your household and you should have never taken him. The fact that he was not even... show more

Can I leave my cat outside overnight?

17 answers · Cats · 3 days ago
My parents say I have to keep her in my room at night as she jumps and scratches at doors waking them up early in the morning, but now she does the same to me by trying to get out of my room. We don’t have a cat flap so we let her in and out through windows, unfortunately my room is at the front of my house ground... show more

Animal rights question?

15 answers · Cats · 3 days ago
I’ve just come back from putting my cat down...the vet discovered she had a massive tumour in her jaw. Previous to this, this poor cat when thru dental surgery where they thought she had extreme decay, 12 or her teeth were extracted. Now one month after the surgery and two additional vets saying bloody discharge... show more

Do dogs love people?

13 answers · Dogs · 18 hours ago

My dog barks and growls at nothing?

10 answers · Dogs · 7 hours ago
So every night my chihuahua will just bark and growl for no reason. he will growl at my other dog a of lot times during the day but at night he will continue to growl when my other dog is not even near him. At night my chihuahua Sleeps in the bed with me and will go under the covers and he just growls randomly... show more

Best answer: They are idiotlogs.And just love to bash Trump. We showed the world how bad hilliary is and they hate it.

Best answer: You're right. We whites should have stayed in Europe and kept all the innovations in law, philosophy, technology, medicine, and civilization that we made to ourselves, and let the rest of the world live in mud huts and drink river water.

Best answer: You need to take kitten to the vet. Hopefully, a vet is open, being it is the weekend, so that means getting on the phone right away and calling. Bring a sample of the poop, if possible, but even if you don't have a sample, go there with the kitten. Often, stress can cause diarrhea, so this may contribute to... show more

How are cats fast enough to catch a bird?

11 answers · Cats · 24 hours ago
why doesn't the bird just fly away when it sees a cat?

Why are liberals better at math than conservatives?

48 answers · Rodents · 5 days ago

Male cats always mark their territory?

11 answers · Cats · 17 hours ago
I usually have female pets simply because the 1 male cat and 2 male dogs I've had peed all over everything and I never could break them of it fully. The cat was the worst and that was the only time I've ever re-homed a pet. I'm interested in getting another kitten maybe a male this time because I like... show more

Normally she loves to be around family and be in the same room. Now at random times you could be petting her and she will run into the bedroom closet and just lay down. No signs of pain or discomfort. Her diet has slowed.

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