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Best answer: Here's an oh-so-nice compromise: Rebuild the spire as it originally appeared, but, instead of BELLS, some super-duper LOUDSPEAKERS to broadcast the SOUND of the bells at times significant to Catholics, and the Islamic call to prayer, at times significant to Muslims.

CNN VS. FOX NEWS Who is better??

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Thoughts on UK porn ban?

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Best answer: We don't have to show Americans ANYTHING. That fat lying piece of sh!t with the, now you see them, now you don't bone spurs, should never have been invited here. The Americans should have it made known to them, that The Queen NEVER invited him at all, the invitation comes from the Prime Minister, Theresa... show more

Will it really take 40 years to repair the Notre Dame?

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Best answer: The French president said it would take 5 years.

Best answer: Yes, it is disgraceful...if it were deliberate. Heavy traffic, held up at departures, held up at arrivals, more heavy traffic at the other end, there could be many reasons. I have little or no respect for Mother Theresa May and don't like her but, there could be many reasons.

How detached from reality does a person need to be to not see Trump or May for the incompetents that they are?

Why is Prince William in the news...what's he done?

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Do you support those protesters in London?

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Best answer: Yes. I think young people are wonderful! They have so much commitment...

Local Mosques, some churches opened their doors to help our heroes and our caring Mayor DeBlasio worked to make shelters availible citywide. It's interesting how everytime I ask questions like this Trump Supporters claiming to be "Christian" always say "It's a hotel not a shelter" or... show more

Best answer: The truth is a driver should be able to refuse service just like a Christian should have the right to refuse to bake a cake for anyone just like all mankind has the right to choose between God and the devil because of free will and free agency, albeit to serve with the devil is misery and to choose God means all... show more

Why is Banksy never arrested?

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I any other country this would mean war!

Best answer: I always have been ahead of the curve. See the comments for examples of threat detection prowess and incisiveness.

Was the bombing in Sri Lanka an act of war?

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Best answer: The perpetrators will perish in hell eternal for hitting a Catholic church and more importantly for killing children totally pure innocent children