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My boyfriend has never taken me on a date?

14 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 days ago
We have been dating for three months and official for two but in that space of time all we have done is hung out at my house or gone for late night drives (I had to ask). He’s so sweet and so thoughtful with everyone else, bringing food over and flowers and tampons when I have my periods. But we have never gone out... show more

ever done anything crazy like that? I was heartbroken because he dumped me to be with her, so I tried to break them up by sending him flowers to make her jealous! It worked! He came back to me...after he shot her and almost killed her! Then he went to prison! Why are all of my boyfriends always crazy psychos????

Why don't women like me?

170 answers · Other - Family & Relationships · 3 days ago
I'm not fat, I'm 6'0, I have a fulltime steady job that pays good money, I own my own car, house, and I have a college education. Plus I am also Bi-lingual.

Best answer: You have no obligation to tell him! This is your own business. If he asks and wants to know it’s up to you to tell him. It has no impact on your relationship. What has impact is your ability to be faithful.

I recently started dating this girl a few months ago and she knows that I wear loose boxers. The other night when I was getting ready for bed, I took my pants off to reveal my loose boxers and she said to me, “You know, I really want you to start wearing tighter underwear, like boxer briefs and briefs. Those boxers... show more

Best answer: I think the answer is very simple. You state that your atractive , dress well, etc but find that all the guys are interested in is sex. I have no wish to cause offence, but is is just possible that that is all they find in you that is attractive. Would have thought that in looking for a boyfriend (or girlfriend)... show more

I’m honestly just wondering what I should do, because it’s beginning to be a problem. Okay to explain, she ate half a brownie (edible) and basically she started to have a panic attack, and of course her noob friends who barely started smoking weed themselves freaked tf out too and ended up freaking her out and... show more

What are things that make a woman not be wifey material?

84 answers · Singles & Dating · 4 days ago

I am 18 years old and I wanna die.. 😭?

16 answers · Yahoo Answers · 1 day ago
I am 18, want to die. I have made terrible decisions, i didnt do the things that i always wanted to do.. i wanted to study medicine but because of my classmates who made fun of me i didnt study medicine... i dont date anyone because of them.. i reject people because of them, they make fun of me... i made terrible... show more

We have always had Thanksgiving at our house at noon . My husbands sister is now wanting us to change the time to the evening so that her newly married daughter (husbands niece) and her husband can come. (they are going to his family for thanksgiving at noon) I do not want to change plans If you can come fine, if... show more

Marriage counseling?

24 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 1 day ago
Best answer: I don't agree with people telling you to go on your own. This is a marriage problem, not an individual one. When he says he won't go, he's basically saying he doesn't care if you're unhappy. That sounds like a marriage that's already over. When you say you "love" him, is this... show more

16 Year Old Daughter Is A Spoiled Brat!!?

22 answers · Family · 20 hours ago
My daughter is a spoiled brat. She's 16 & is convinced she's the center of the universe. I married her mom 20 years ago & adopted her 2 kids. A girl who was then 11 & her son who was 10. We were very happy & we were over joyed when we welcomed Jessica into the world, nothing could be better.... show more

Can't a married man have female friends?

22 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 1 day ago
I don't know what's wrong with that. I don't see any of them in a romantic way. They're just friends.

Why hasn’t she texted me back?

22 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 days ago
Best answer: Hey Brett, have a bit of self-respect. She'll probably text back, and if she doesn't it's her loss. You don't have to be desperate and worried, there are plenty more girls out there. Just relax and wait for her to reply.

Best answer: If they're both comfortable with it I see nothing wrong there. Females dress in front of each other all the time, this is no different. We don't make a display of it.

Best answer: sorry, but id rather not give out nny last nanne on here, i dont want others to see it and use it for the wrong reasons, dont have a nniddle nanne

Best answer: I have a twin sister, two brothers and a half sister, Ive never been nnarried so no kids