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Is it ok for a 19 year old girl to date a 15 year old boy?

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Why do men need to ask their wife's permission before going out?

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Why does my boyfriend do this to me?

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Best answer: You need to realize- you are the prize, not him. You're the diamond, not him. If he does not want to put in the work and the effort it takes to earn your happiness, and your trust, then he is not the one. Every man wants a diamond, but not every man deserves one. This man does not respect you as a woman, and... show more

Around with my husband I hate her

Best answer: Nope, not interested and never will be interested in being in bed with the same sex or sharing my lover with another person. That actually disgusts me. I think that the only people who can bear to be with and watch their lover have sex with another person are those who do not possess healthy love for themselves... show more

What are the strangest places you have had sex?

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I learnt that my cousin has been raped when I stayed at his place and he was away. He put a map of his forensic medical exam in the bottom of a box where he also put his old books and papers, which I happened to open (just to kill time). I didn't know what it was when I opened it, as I thought it was his old... show more

Falling in love with someone when you're married.?

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Best answer: Marriage is about making the choice everyday to stay committed. Of course you're still going to be attracted to other people. That doesn't go away just because you're married. But you chose your partner and the idea is that you have to be good enough friends with your spouse to get you through the dry... show more

We never have anything to say but I just want to talk with her so I just say "wyd" "hi" and stuff then just hope the conversation goes somewhere but it normally dosen't so I have to try my hardest to come up with stuff to say but it just ends up boring both of us. Can someone please tell me... show more

Why am I such a slut?

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Best answer: Well in my opinion I believe you should let that special someone come to you and you should love yourself first because not everyone is gonna Respect you and your needs and it's very rare when a guy really cares about you just remembered that

Which is important for marriage, Race or Height?

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Best answer: Someone’s heart and the way they treat you.

Is my mom being too strict?

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Best answer: no she isn't, she just wants you to be responsible in your life

Do you think the husband or wife is right in this argumemt?

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Husband: do you need any help cleaning the kitchen Wife: no, and can you please stop trying to be so helpful all the time, I don't need you to act like that Husband: alright sorry, I was just trying to help Wife: *rolls eyes* I'll ask you whenever I need any help, go relax or do whatever you want Husband:... show more

My husband decided to leave our marriage to be closer to his 7 year old daughter that lives 5 hours away. I followed him to try to talk sense but he was over it. I accepted it and a day later he begged for me to stay with him. I agreed. He wants me and my daughter to leave our hometown and live up towards him. My... show more

About a month ago was the 3 year anniversary of my wife's death. It has been a rough road the last few years. But anyway I started dating a few months ago and I met this girl through a mutual friend. It's nice to get out, talk to someone and hang out. But given everything it's hard for me. I don't... show more

So my boyfriend has to have my social media passwords or else he gets mad and threatens to break up with me. He says it’s not about control, it’s about transparency. I have absolutely nothing to hide, he can look through whenever he wants, but he says that he HAS to have my passwords and if I don’t give it to him... show more

And what should I do after the one month of no contact? The reason she broke up with me is because she started to lose optimism and started to believe the relationship won’t work. (bare in mind this is long distance)

Have your parents ever gotten violent towards you?

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I’m a girl and my dad was trying to hit me just now! He was twisting my arms and I could’ve been seriously injured. He has gotten violent towards everyone at home before and broken things. He has seriously injured me before. I want to press charges but I think no one will believe me. Because he lies and gaslights me.