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Do you think that lipgloss is ugly?

92 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Not if you use it wisely/sparingly so as not to make your lips flooded

Best answer: It doesn’t bother everyone

Hello I have straight/ rectangular body shape. I hate dresses, pomplets, etc. I am 21 and wearing straight cigarette pants with a blouse and waistband I look 40+ Skinny jeans are on my side, but what about hoodies? I hate that girly look, I prefer more urban style. I am not sure .. information said I should avoid... show more

What, exactly, is a tea dress?

24 answers · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: Blame feminism.

Ur favoryt clothing store online?

24 answers · 2 weeks ago

Rips in ripped jeans curling?

16 answers · 2 weeks ago
I have some ripped jeans that j put in the washer and the parts that have the rips are curling? I tried ironing and it didn t do anything. I also tried going in with a straightener but that didn t work. I just don t know what to do.

I’m in high school. My style is very feminine, I love skirts, dresses, flowers, and lace. I never liked the “jeans, hoodie, and tee shirt” look in my life. I just feel like jeans are generally kind of boring. I don’t care what other people wear, and it looks good on them, but it’s just not for me. I don’t cake... show more

Are flare jeans ok?

37 answers · 2 weeks ago

Im looking to work as a delivery driver or in a warehouse.

Best answer: Go to a good store with professional bra fitters. The guy is right, VS usually has them & other high end stores. Get a professional fitting. You may need to shop at a specialty site/store for plus size women & those who wear specialty sizes. You need to get the fitting to get your proper... show more

I just bought a rucksack backpack to use for my junior year of high school. I started to regret my decision more and more because I ve started to notice that mostly girls use rucksack bags. What do you guys think when a guy wears one of those bags? Would I look gay? Would it look stupid for a guy to wear it?

Best answer: No, you have at least 5 more good years before you start worrying about becoming old.