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Would you ever buy a Rolex watch?

38 answers · 3 days ago

They show through everything that I wear. Leggings, pajamas, dresses, jeans, just everything

Best answer: That would be ridiculous.

Are you considered rich or poor?

54 answers · 5 days ago

i’m in 8th grade & i wanna wear a shirt that says bite me to school but i don’t know if it’s too sexual to wear.

As a point of reference, let's go with a regular, two-button Ralph Lauren type polo. Even if you don't wear them, how many would you do up if you had to wear one?

I put on my pants first.

What color should a purse be?

15 answers · 5 days ago

Petite women question?

6 answers · 19 hours ago
I’m a petite woman of 5 feet inches and was wondering if I can wear also clothes that are not from the petite range . As I have seen lots of nice clothes online in my size 6 that are not from that range . Or would they not fit I have a small waist and I’m quite slim for my frame . I know it’s stupid thing to ask... show more

Which outfit is sexier for a date?

27 answers · 5 days ago
A. Black miniskirt with heels with a crop top B. Tight skinny jeans with high heel boots and a crop top In both cases hair down, and belly button ring in.

What size shoes do you wear 👞?

5 answers · 4 hours ago
Best answer: Size 69

Full of sparkly accessories with walls painted pink. Most girls like it after all.

For some reason, ive always thought that women look amazing when they wear leather gloves with a nice outfit. I was walking down the high street and saw some business women pairing leather gloves with a lovely suit and high heels. I think it gives such a professional look which is really sexy. This has obviously... show more

Best answer: I noticed that too, it was kind of funny. Maybe its the mandala effect and those trends never really happened here. Lets forget about DC and do you remember Von Dutch and FUBU lmao

Best answer: I think scars can be unnerving for other people, but personally I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Scars are on your body, and they're a part of you; you shouldn't go out of your way to hide them, but I can understand with a lot of scars there's a measure of shame behind them for the... show more