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I just had my teeth cleaned and the cleaning itself was pretty damn painful. Now 12 hours later my gums are still aching and I can barely eat anything. I dont remember having this kind of pain from my last cleaning. My teeth were already very clean before going. (hygenist agreed) Just wondering if this is normal... show more

Best answer: If you're not a troll, presumably, she will be fitted with dentures or get implants. Or her adult teeth could still come in. This is not going to be "explainable" to a 2-year-old. Just tell her that you are going to see the doctor with her, and he/she is going to give her something to make her go... show more

Went in for an exam with a new dentist and long story short, I have very very bad teeth needing several root canals, extractions, caps, you name it. I initially went in because I have a huge cavity on my wisdom tooth that's been causing severe pain to the face, ear, throat, etc. I told them all upfront how much... show more

I heard to not use baking soda because that will ruin the shiniest of the teeth overtime... Can I use Colgate advanced whitening? What brand of toothpaste to avoid? I really don't want to ruin my veneers because I paid a fortune...

Tooth ache, can't see dentist right away, need relief.

Best answer: Urban MYTH. This never happens, As soon as you wake up you will have a mouth full of gauze. There is no way you will be laughing or talking. Your parents will not be allowed in the room when you are having the treatment. You will be fully awake when you go out of the room. I worked for a UK Dentist.

Is bleeding normal?

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I got my wisdom teeth removed about 3-4 days ago and whenever I open my mouth a little too wide or brush my teeth (because i can t stand the way my mouth has been tasting and probably smelling too), i always see a little bit of blood in the back pockets. Is this normal? I ve been using a teabag whenever there is... show more

I’ve been having tmj pain on my left side of my jaw for about a week, and I can’t open my mouth wide because it hurts my jaw. Its hard for me to eat and brush my teeth because of the pain. I’ve never really had this pain for this long, maybe for about a day or two. I haven’t been to a doctor about it but I know I... show more

I'll start off my saying I'm 17 years old so in just one year I will legally be an adult. For most people my age, getting your wisdom teeth out is the event we dread. I've been dreading it since I was nine and my mom had hers out. For years I waited for the day that I'd be told I needed them out but... show more

I got brx2016.1d ive had sitting around for a couple years. it worked fine before. i just reinstalled it and the level adjustment on the amp isnt doing anythign at all. no volume difference with it all the way up or down. so the bass knob also doesnt work then obviously. this also worked fine before and its lit up... show more

I have an ortho apointment in 3 days, will it be ok untill then?

Best answer: My daughter developed spots on her teeth when she had braces on. The dentist said it was damage caused by the brackets on the braces. She is 37 and has them to this day.

Hi, i am 19 years old. I went to the dentist a while back for what i thought to be a cavity about 4 months ago in the same place i am having pain. They proceeded to take x-rays of my mouth and they looked at the tooth and told me that there was no cavity. But it was a possibility that my impacted wisdom tooth might... show more

Did you ever have a tooth cavity?

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Best answer: What? I have a whole mouth full of silver fillings.

Help, please! I went to the dentist 4 weeks ago, and I was terrified of it. I went there and the dental assistant told me that the tools are obtained from an autoclave bag. He told me that there was supposed to be some blue indicator, but later when I saw the bag, I did not see the blue indicator. I have been... show more