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I ate a lot of pineapple, and it s got enzymes that tear apart mouth meat or something. My tongue stings, and I asked my homie Marco what to do and he said "its a chemical burn slumdog, you just gotta let it rest". He s my good friend, but I do not believe him. There must be something I can do

For about a week now, my top gums hurt whenever I brush the fronts of my top teeth. Does anyone know why or what I can do to get it to stop? Dentist is expensive. :(

Hey. I have a very very tiny hole in the front of my back tooth. It’s like the size of a pin. There’s very slight dull pain and the dentist said “it’s erosion, and I can see the Dentin is exposed but there’s no active decay”. He offered to seal it with composite resin when he’s removing my wisdom tooth as my... show more

Confused about tooth filling?

5 answers · 3 days ago
Ok, so im 15 years old and a few days ago i went to the dentist because i saw those little tiny black dots on my tooth and i know thats a sign of a cavity. The dentist took 2 xrays of my teeth and he said that there was decay and theres a simple fix. I was scared out of my mind so i wasnt really paying attention to... show more

Home remedies for my gum pain?

4 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Toothpaste: AIM For Sensitive Teeth (or Sensodyne if you want to pay more) Mouthwwsh: Listerine To rub on you gums: Orajel But see a dentist. He or she can determine if you DO have gingivitis and also has a "tooth desensitising" gel that lasts for up to 5 years.

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I got my cavity filled yesterday morning. It was a pretty large cavity and was close to hitting a nerve, but didn’t hit it. I’ve been having really bad tooth pain since. I can’t bite down in the slightest or I get searing pain. I also have braces, not sure if that means anything. And is there any way to alleviate... show more

2nd mollar extraxtion?

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I have a severely cracked 2nd mollar on the bottom and its extremely painful, bleeds and is decaying. I can t afford to get a replacement for it and I am having trouble getting approved for care credit. So my question is what issues will come with extracting it? Will it mess up my whole mouth or will it be... show more

My teeth are really uneven and weird, the pic is creepy lolz but is it safe to do this?

Best answer: I don't like them, they seem to do more jumping around than brushing, and I end up brushing anyway. Give me an old-fashioned, manual toothbrush, over an electric, any day. Never gave them a chance to be harsh on my teeth, but I can imagine they could do more damage than good.