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Best answer: Of course. Anyone can apply. The eligibility rules go into effect AFTER you apply, to determine what you receive. By the way, you don't apply for the FAFSA. FAFSA is the application that you use to apply for financial aid. Saying that you are applying for fafsa is like saying you are applying for an... show more

School to help their parents?

Buying a car with Student Loans?

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Best answer: You can use your student loans to finance whatever you want, but it's mainly assumed that you'll be using it to finance your tuition, books, and rent. If you need a car, you can do it too. However, student loans are much higher interest rates than consumer loans. It would be better to have gotten a consumer... show more

How can I get instate tuition?

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Can someone please explain the best way to fill out the residency determination site so I can get instate tuition,these college classes are killing me

Best answer: there’s this kid who fakes being black in our school and he had the same exact averages as me, yet he got into everything, of course...

I am a senior in HS and I will be attending university of Michigan starting this fall. I am from a middle class family but my family is will not be contributing to my college expenses at all. This is a bad situation for me, as I do not get as much financial assistance as lower income students, so I pay around 15k... show more

In state tuition?

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I plan on attending a university out of state for my mba in 14 months from today. However, i have family in that state where i could be added to the lease without actually living there with no extra cost to them. I plan on moving to that state in January and at that point i would opt out of the lease and sign a... show more

My college gave me some fafsa money for studying during the summer. i was wondering if I don’t apply to study during the summer, what will happen to that money? will it transfer to another year or will i lose it? should i just take it and study during the summer?

I never got a credit card. So I don't have a credit history.

Will I still get financial aid?

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Best answer: You are still entitled to receive any federal aid that you qualify for, such as the Pell grant or federal student loans. However, your state and your school may also have aid programs and if you have missed the deadline for those, then you may lose out on those types of aid.

My professor gives me deadlines weeks earlier than my classmates (she sent me a separate email with different deadlines than the rest of the class), pretends I never handed stuff in, and once told me not to apply for a scholarship because I got “enough handouts.” I have federal Pell grants, am part of the TRIO... show more