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Best answer: Include spelling errors in your application. Or say in your essay how excited you are about attending the University of Michigan. But why not just not apply?

How can you not afford college these days with all that financial aid and scholarships? Maybe they should start excelling in school.

i’m gonna ask my counselor but i wanted to know now and then i’ll make sure

In my college, the graduation ceremony is in May but you don't get your diploma until it is mailed to you in August. So basically you have to spend hours attending a ceremony to receive a fake diploma.

My first year of college was probably the worst year of my life so far. I had no motivation to do my work and when I did I couldn t focus. I found myself going out to party more than I would ve liked to and had the craziest roommate who was verbally abusive and psychotic. I went way too hard my first semester... show more

How does that work? Is there a general rule or policy fhat most universities follow?

Single people who live alone and pay full rent / council tax and bills. How do you manage to go to college or university to do a full time course and keep your housing costs covered?

I am tired of seeing international students every time I walk around my campus. They barely speak any English and act like they own the place.

I received a letter in the mail from the college I was planning on attending stating that "unfortunately, due to some new information, we will have to revoke our acceptance of your application." At no point during the letter does it explain what the "new information" is or how it obtained said... show more

Best answer: With your gpa and SAT score plus that you want to go to medical school, you should be going direct to a university. Going to a CC when you want to get into medical school is never a good idea. Ibu is correct, you will need to take all prerequisite classes for medical school at the university level. Apply to... show more

Best answer: Talk to them about their life plan and how this college degree fits with their future career. A person should no longer be going to college to get a degree as a goal. They should be going to college as a prerequisite to a career. If they have no plan, you are correct. They should be old enough to explain their... show more

To the college who didn’t accept you? I’m very scared of rejection.

I am currently a pre-med student who wants to shadow doctors at clinics or hospitals. I have contacted a few of the clinics and hospitals near me that I would to shadow at but unfortunately have had no luck since some do not allow shadowing or hey haven t got back to me in almost a week. Does anyone know any got... show more

Missed classes due to depression, anxiety, and bipolar episodes. I have documentation stating that I was not well during my absences. Offered to make up missed assignments earlier in the semester but professor said no. However he let a fellow student of mine make up assignments because she was leaving town for a... show more

Best answer: People on this website are very pessimistic and negative. If you have a positive relationship with this teacher, or if the teacher knows you to be a student that consistently shows up to class and makes an effort, it wouldn’t hurt to try. Email the professor to request an appointment to meet in person regarding... show more

Hi, I am graduating HS and will be attending Michigan State University for pre-med. I really want to get into med school and become a doctor, it has been my goal since I was a young teen. I have volunteered 100 plus hours at our local hospital since 9th grade. I was wondering if this volunteer experience would... show more

I’ve just transferred my credits from the community college I used to attend to a 4 year university. Also, the amount of credits I transferred over was 28. I’m 20 years old and my graduation class should be Class of 2020 but I don’t think I would be able to get enough credits to graduate by then.