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Does GrubHub deliver?

4 answers · 23 hours ago

is it "polite" or "curtious" to wait in your car for everyone & go in together vs you going in and getting a table?

Scammed at a restaurant?

11 answers · 2 weeks ago
I am a waitress at a local grill and bar and recently got scammed out a tip by a group of 8 older men. They all had beards and looked to be in their 60's and may have been homeless. They came in and ordered burgers, shrimp, beers, multiple apitizers and deserts. Their bill was $403.67. One of them went outside... show more

Life advice?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
I am a 23 year old female computer technician that lives at home. My job only pays $11/hr and I have a 4 year degree with a concentration in computer science, communication, and business. This June I will have been here for a year, and I was hoping it would get better by now - but it hasn't. I don't exactly... show more

This isn't like a huge deal, I'm just generally curious. I went to a chain restaurant with my mom and a family friend last night. I'm a vegetarian on top of being a picky eater, so there aren't exactly a lot of options for me. lol. The only thing speaking to me was a grilled cheese off of the... show more

What should I eat right now?

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I've been eating at this restaurant consistently for 10 years since it opened in 2009. I'd say I ate there at least once a month for the past couple of years. My family members eat there, I've gone on dates there, had birthday dinners there etc. I have a severe gluten intolerance and celiacs disease and... show more

Why Do People Find This Gross?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
I have a scat fetish, and I don't understand why everyone is grossed out. To me, eating excrement during sex is normal, feels completely naturally, and is incredibly exciting. Why do people get all grossed out? I just don't understand?!?!?!

Best restaurant

Was it a scam? Did I get cheated? I only got back $2 where before I got back $6. Stupid rich business owner screwing me over. I’m voting for Bernie!!!!

Best answer: To some extent it depends on what you order, but on average Olive Garden is cheaper, I also think Olive Gardens food is not not much above Denny's- quality wise, Cheesecake Factory's food is of better quality and tastes a lot better but to me it's a bit pricey

Was the tip too low?

4 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Pasta for $28 - you got ripped off Anyway, $5 is fine. 15% on the $28 and for take out 10% is generous. You cam in just slightly under that, so it seems pretty reasonable.

Best answer: I've never seen that at nice places. If I did, I'd walk straight out. I almost always use the restroom before I eat. If the restroom is disgusting, I can only assume the kitchen is as well

Best answer: I didn't know there were any of those left. The last ones in my area disappeared about 15 years ago. There's nothing wrong with asking for anything at a restaurant. You're the paying customer. A restaurant, however, is not necessarily wrong for saying no to a request. Some requests are absurd. This... show more

Best answer: As someone that works as a cashier at a restaurant, I can say that it's pretty awkward at first. At the end of my shifts, I get my register "counted down" to see if I accidentally gave too much money to a customer or if I took too much money from them. If I have too much money at the end of my shift... show more

Is door dash similar to uber eats?

6 answers · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: Yes, it's the same thing. DoorDash has a subscription service that you can pay monthly for unlimited free or discounted deliveries, and uber eats does not as of right now. DoorDash almost always charges service fees on top of delivery fees though, and uber eats generally does not.

Am I a mean person for not tipping?

26 answers · 1 month ago
So I ordered a carry out order at Olive Garden and I payed with my card and the girl told me to fill out the receipt and for the tip I didn’t put anything because I wasn’t dining in or anything but then when she picked it up and looked at the receipt she looked a little sad and it made me feel bad lol was it bad to... show more

I get my steak mid-rare like many people. Would you recommend basically? My friend’s choose to go there.