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Hello so my mom was saying stuff how i was using the elliptical machine the wrong way (i was pedaling backwards). so my question is can you do it backwards with out breaking the machine?

I ve been sick so my friend recorded the class on her phone s voice memos. The issue is, my teacher sounds way too quite and my classmates are talking REALLY loud over him so I can t really tell what he is saying. Is there ANY way?? I need this lecture asap. It was our review for our finals!!

We have an issue at home where they watch TV and end up pasting the volume to hear clearly. Which really gets very noisy (even though I ware nice cancellation headphones) and I really don t mind paying for a sound bar or a solution that is bullet proof when it comes to a clearer TV sound without being noisy in the... show more

I'm looking at ways to save money i was thinking about just using an iPad as a smart phone (because thats basically what it is) because you can text on it using Facebook messenger and Skype and stuff I just thought I might try that any thoughts?

Best answer: You say it's a Turtle beach 200 in one of your comments. The adverts for that say it is an "Amplified" headset - it has amplifiers built in to give higher volume than whatever you plug it in to is capable of. Amps need power....

Is there some kind of wireless trans/receiver thingy, so that I can plug the Transmitter into the outlet that is controlled by a light switch, the receiver into and outlet of my choice, so that when I flip the switch, both outlets power on? I don't want to buy one of those outlet remote control things. I just... show more

For example, when I go to the Sony website (https://www.sony.ca/en/electronics/headband-headphones/wh-ch700n/specifications) and check the specs of some wireless headphones, I get 2 different frequency responses (as seen in the link): the “Active Operation” - 7-20,000 Hz, and the “Bluetooth Communication” -... show more

I pulled out my heater plug from one of those things that have like 4 sockets in it and it flashed white is this dangerous will it go on fire or something if I plug it in again ?

It doesn’t throw out vapor the way it usually does.... what can be wrong?

Best answer: Yes, but if the item(s) to be powered draw(s) a lot of current, beware of voltage drop. Make sure that the voltage at the appliance end of the cord measures at least 110 (220 where applicable) with the appliance(s) operating. Larger wire (lower AWG number) is always better.

Best answer: Disagree. Step 1: Confirm your homeowners or other insurance will cover your liability for any damage or injury caused by your UAV. Step 2: Search and read up on "drone flyaway" and get comfortable with the possibility that your UAV will fly away on its own, never to be found - possibly causing damage... show more

Just interested.

Best answer: they may be someones treasured vintage doodads in 20 years no one thought the 50s & 60s comic books would become valuable,,thought to be lo life trash for lo lifes back in the day,,wholda thought? hang onto them