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I’ve lived in my apartment 5 years now and I’ve never been late on my rent and I got a notice that rent is going up 15 dollars. I know it’s not much but I also live in a one bedroom and I found out lady next door has a 2 bedroom and pays 30 more dollars than me but now I will be paying 15 dollars less than her. How... show more

So i'm leasing office space to a person for a 10 year lease. He had to contact a lawyer and create an agreement/contract. But it's already taken him 1 entire month? Is this normal?

Hi, i need advice tegarding roommates and contracts. Me, my boyfriend, and 3 of our friends are talking about rent a house together. However, my boyfriend's mom is strongly advising against it, but it seems like our only option before we end up homeless. She doesn't think we should do it because of one of... show more

Would a landlord accept payment if you had gold and silver pieces (.999 or 1 Troy ounce)? It would be interesting to try and see since it is legal currency

having overnight guests every weekend and sometimes letting their guests stay in the house until later into the week? I have these two roommates who are sisters who frequently have men over at our house every weekend and sometimes even later into the week. This afternoon, I came home from work and one of their... show more

Security fee for Closing late?

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So I ve just been informed that there is a security company that charges a fee to my work place due to tripping sensors if we stay past the closing time to finish work, I am uncertain if that is true or not but that would seem like a very bad business practice. Does anyone know if this is true?

I'm moving to another state and I plan on purchasing a home. I would like to pay my mortgage at least 6 months ahead of time just like some people may pay rent months ahead of time. Can I pay my monthly mortgage months ahead of time?

Should I keep house myself?

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I am living in my paid for mothers house that passed away two years ago. I did have a mentally ill bother with me but he went to a home and may not be back with me. My other brother will say it can't get cheaper than living in the house. I look at how my windows and roof are 30 years old and need replaced.... show more

I been working in a tech job for a particular company for over 2 and half years now. I m thinking of switching a job in a different software developer company. But I m also thinking of buying my first house. Would it affect the interest rate on loans not in a positive way, if I found a new engineering job around... show more

Moving out .?

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Best answer: Housing of that type has been supplemented with tax money and the administrators are required by law to verify income levels. You are required to sign consent forms for verification and sign statements. HUD obtains information about you from your local PHA... show more

My plan is to get a one Bedroom apartment under mine and my mothers name. I will then stay in the living room and rent out the other room so I will be able to pay it. I just need to pay both months rent. Do you recommend taking out a loan or saving up?

I have no family or friends and barely have enough money to pay rent, I've never taken out a loan before so my credit isn't ruined but I don't own anything as collateral, I'd just like to have a Christmas where I don't fear being homeless. I'm working through the holidays and that will just... show more

Best answer: You seem to have your together, in terms of knowing your costs and income, far better than most. Sounds like you can afford it, sure its fine.

Renters Insurance?

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Several months ago, some friends and I moved into an apartment in New Hampshire and signed a lease with landlord A, who did not require renters insurance. A few months later, Landlord A sold the property to landlord B who took over the lease as it was (with no renters insurance required). Now Landlord B has... show more

Best answer: Sometimes when a bank forecloses and is auctioning off the house, you can get it that cheap. But it's very risky, because sometimes the person has left it in very bad condition and costs you so much to clean and repair that you're not getting a good deal.