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Not renewing lease?

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My mom and I leased an apartment and now it’s time for renewal. But I don’t want to renew the lease but my mom does. Can my mom renew on her own? My name had to go on the lease because she didn’t meet the minimum income requirement and she still wouldn’t meet that if I were to decide not to renew my lease...

I live in a single room shared house and I want to put my luggages and new laundry rail dryer away, you know those things that take up space but the landlord said there's no space in the the shed at the garden, and I can't carry on sticking my luggage on top of her old freezer under the stairs and she... show more

I'm 8 months into a 13 month lease and have decided to buy a house. Per my lease agreement I have to give 60 days notice before I move out and then pay 2 months rent to break the lease. They initially waive my security deposit when I moved in. There is some damage to the apartment but nothing major. Can they... show more

Two things about landlord tenent law in my State: 1. Landlords and property managers must provide 24 hours notice to enter your rental, unless you invite them, or it is a case of DEMONSTRATABLE emergency. Which means the property manager isnt going to find out by way of walking in and catching me red handed... show more

Best answer: They can have any rules they want. But I imagine the restriction is on who is the host of the party; that is, who is responsible for what happens. It's hard to believe they care who the "guest of honor" is. On the other hand, they probably won't let anyone throw a rent party where you charge... show more

The store tried to sue me to make me stop selling certain products but my lawyer got the case dismissed because my lease existed first and I have no "privity" to their lease with the management company. Now they are suing the property management company and they are all pressuring me to end my lease. ... show more

So, my boyfriend and I live in upstate new york and we are currently renting out an apartment.. technically a bedroom. Our landlord terminated our lease directly after we made a complaint about rat feces in our cabinet. Then told us we need to be out by a certain date. She has breached the lease multiple times... show more

Best answer: NO! Do not let them bully you into signing if you are not ready. Wanting to see the house & read through the paperwork is smart & standard. They are acting a little shady in trying to push you into this. Buying house needs to be a mutual decision in a marriage not one partner bullying the other into it.

The house says it was sold a few days ago, "bought with Redfin", yet the owner texted me back (I responded to their listing) to say there's an open house today. They are offering seller financing and/or a lease option. What does this mean?

Why are houses in the UK so old?

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Especially in Scotland, even new houses that are built still look old like a 70s style house which looks dreadful.

My boyfriend’s father is a Landlord and is wanting to meet with us about renting one of his homes. He stated that he does not want my boyfriend signing the lease because he’s not going to sue his son. If his father is thinking he’s going to sue me one day, and keeping his son off the lease for that reason, is that... show more

I'm 22 I've only ever had one job for a few years making minimum wage and I'm at the point where I feel like I should decide what I want to do and get a real job. I've always had an intrest in property and houses but never really consider doing it as a job. Then I heard you can take an online course... show more

Already in an income restricted reduced rent property (its not sec 8, they get tax credit for offering reduced rent). To give you an idea "Affordable housing" apartments cost more than what i have now. its 530/mo. Within about a 20 mile radius, people want that or more just for a room in their house. ... show more

landlord, but chooses not to. The landlord has already agreed that the tenant can do the "Repair or deduct", and the landlord was fine with that. Instead the tenant just tries to sue the landlord for the cost of these so-called necessary repairs. What realistically is the tenant doing? Why... show more

My son owns a business. In his part of Africa they don t have income tax papers or anything like that so will they still ask for proof of income?

Is $950 for a 2 bedroom apartment “affordable” or not? What do you think??