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Our landlord had the house we are renting tented for termites. She had our storage shed destroyed & removed because of termite damage to it. The house is a two bedroom so we now have had to use the 2nd bedroom to store our things. We asked when she would be getting us a new storage shed. She said it was not a... show more

I pay my rent early and some times I'm forced too the way my checks are set up if I don't I will be late. Even trying to pay early there have been times that I have been late because no one ever answers the phone in their office. I don't have a email for the owner and her personal line goes unanswered... show more

Are tiny homes a scam?

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Will they really save the world from environmental discretion or are they just a way to trick people into feeling good about living in a house that's smaller than the recommended living space?

Best answer: She will probably take you to court for June and July rent or report you to a collections agency or maybe she won't bother - hard to day. It will be very difficult for her to collect the rent but your credit will probably be badly damaged. You could offer to pay her for June rent if she'll waive July... show more

I am moving into a very nice apartment community. I got accepted over a month ago and i signed my lease yesterday and made all my payments. When i went in this morning to get the keys they told me its not ready yet and to come and get the keys at 6pm. I drove to the apartment and peeked through the windows and... show more

I let a friend come stay with me about 5 months ago. I asked him pay 300.00 a month, so I understand that he is now technically a tenant, and that I must go through the proper channels to evict him. I have asked him to leave personally and he refuses, so that option has already been tried. Can anyone give me a... show more

Best answer: The rent counts as income. You have to declare it for tax purposes. However, if no-one tells the tax people, how will they know?

Best answer: yep...if she has customers coming, that is typically a business and she needs to be in a business zone...and if the lease prohibits a business, they are in violation, some businesses can be run out of the home...essentially computer based or some baking where the customers don't come to the apartment. if you... show more

But my landlord has decided to sell the home. The realtor presented me with a contract that says neither they or the landlord will be responsible for any theft etc when they put a key on the porch for people to come look at it. I told him I don't mind if he shows it, but I'm not signing the waiver. He... show more

I had a prior police report with pictures of the damage from months ago when a kid with no license or insurance rear ended me. What should I do to make sure she can't evict me? She shouldn't be allowed to just refuse rent when i've actually paid on time every month. This is in michigan.

Best answer: of course not, unless you are making noise or otherwise creating a nuisance note: illegal lease provisions are not enforceable, unless this is some type of supervised shelter, they cannot put a curfew on you.

I have been gathering apples either for my own use or to sell by the basket. My tenants have been taking so many that I barely have any for myself. Are the apples my right to keep or theirs?

Apartment is running a special of 6 weeks free. The rental agreement doesn’t mention it anywhere and it says $0 in the concessions part of the lease. It’s not exactly a concession but I’m a bit wary that it doesn’t mention it anywhere. Do they typically include their specials on the lease agreement?