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This hasnt happened to me yet. But what happens if you lose your debit card on a weekend when banks are closed and you cant go to the branch and get funds. Do you just have to starve till Monday if you usually eat out rather than buy groceries?

I received a call saying I won a raffle at a mall and that I won a lot of money. And it sounded like an automated voice not a person. It’s true I did enter my info to win a car at a mall. But this still sounds like a scam. Is it a scam?

For me I would buy a luxury condo in New York and Los Angeles that way I could live in both cities. Is would also buy a yacht. Iwould even put around 10 million in a cd account that way it will grow interest. Most likely this all a fantasy for me but hey you never know. Even though the odds are around 1 in 302... show more

What do U spend ur money on?

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Also if i'm depositing 100 grand in one transaction will they investigate me or something?

Best answer: That's if you take it in a lump sum rather than an annuity. Even so, would you turn down a check for $350 million?

Best answer: 471.88

Am I broke? Any advice?

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I'm a 23 year old guy and I feel broke, I have $3000 in my savings, and I have $2600 in my chequins. I had more but I went to a trip to Mexico with my friends. I feel like everyone my age has a lot more money. Am I broke????????

Or do both? I have plenty of money leftover each month after all my monthly expenses have been made. Like about 1100. what should I do?

I filed chapter 7 on 7/26. On 8/21 I had meeting of creditors. Last thing I got in the mail was the deadline to object letter which states 9/21 as the deadline date. Neither the trustee or any creditors have objected . Basically at this point am I just waiting for the discharge papers? I just kinda want to know if... show more

Long story short , without getting into details on how I got into it from the first place, I have a 2018 mustang gt with 12500 miles ( which I bout last Nov) , I still owe 43500$ , my payments are 677 a month , I am trying to lower my car payment as I am looking for a house right now , and this high car payment is... show more

I’m currently going through the process of enlisting in the marines and the car is $9000 would it be reasonable to finance? And would I be able to get a loan while still being in highschool because I am joining the delayed entry program?