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Best answer: such thing as "bundled discount" for health insurance. Cost for insurance at 64 is slightly more than 63 which is slightly more than 62 which is slightly more than 61, etc.. In the small group market (typically under 50 employees), the total cost is each individual's cost added together. ... show more

I'm on my father's insurance that he receives through his job. It's Blue Care Network in Michigan. I can only be on it if I'm in school. My father and I went to the dentist a few months ago. We received a letter through the mail from the dentist office and they needed proof that I'm still in... show more

Help! I’m a 48 year old single mom with a 17 yr old, 21, yr old and 19 yr old that live at home and go to school and college full time. Two of my kids have severe medical issues. My employer is offering me insurance that is subject to deductibles first for everything including office visits. I can’t afford meeting... show more

Just a couple months per year makes no sense

I’m 23 living in my own. My parents don’t believe in birth control or “unnecessary” vaccines like the one for HPV. My school offers both for very cheap ($5) but won’t let me buy any without an insurance card for whatever reason. Can my parents do this to me?

Hey guys, im trying to choose between me or my wife's healthcare provider. Blue Cross seems to be cheaper, but deductibles are better for United Health. Just wondering if you guys have an opinion between the 2. Maybe there are some unforeseen things between t he 2 that i'm not aware of? thanks

Best answer: The idea is that most middle age adults have full time jobs and get health insurance through their employer, often at a huge discount since the employer pays a big chunk of the premiums. So if the parents have an employee sponsored plan through their job and the 25 year old child doesn't have a career level... show more

Healthcare coverage?

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I applied coverage in 2018 and got free insurance because i had work but low.income and now after having a baby i dont more and they i dont qualify why is that

Who wants to see obamacare go away?

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Best answer: When it passed, my doctor retired saying he did not become a doctor so he could do government paperwork. Recently my new doctor also retired at a very young age for similar reasons. Ironically, both doctors are still practicing medicine, as medical missionaries. But both have been lost to me. I now have... show more

If you die after 2 years of coverage, they have to pay no matter right, correct?

Health Insurance make sense to you?

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Best answer: I suspect the problem is your part-time status. The company is probably paying a portion of the full-time employees premium as part of the employee benefits. A part-time employee is not entitled to the same benefit, so the employer is not paying any of your premium. The insurance company probably is charging the... show more

Mine died when i was a teen so i dont know

Medicaid question?

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I’m 22 years old. I have a job making $16 an hour. I have an autoimmune disease that is legally considered a disability. I applied for Medicaid in may and they sent me a letter denying me because I “made too much money”. I didn’t think much of it until I ended up in the ER in June and told the nurse I didn’t have... show more

Best answer: They're still trying to work it out.