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I live in the state of IL. This morning a guy came to my house knocking on my door at 9a I didn’t answer the door. I later found out he left some papers in my doorway. I believe they are summons papers. I had a credit card with captial one that was charged off and sold to blitt and Gaines debt collection agency it... show more

Why can’t I get a auto loan?

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I am 19 and I found a 35k Jeep and I was able to negotiate the price down to 27k with my trade in of 11k. My trade in is fully paid off. I make around 2k a month. I can’t get the loan of 27k. The most the bank will give me is 15k. I was curious as to why? My credit score is 740, I have no bills, I’ve never missed a... show more

Hello, So I went to US Bank and asked for a personal loan to pay debt off. I got approved and figured they would give me the money and I would pay my debt, as the person helping me did not explain the process thougroly. Once I signed the paperwork the checks were made of to the companies I owed debt to and not to... show more

Best answer: You can't go to jail tor owing money. The attorney will sue you, win and they will then start garnishing your paychecks. I certain states, you can be arrested for not showing up in court. You don't go to jail for owing money. You go to jail (in some states) for not showing up in... show more

Get credit score up?

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Best answer: pay every bill on time.

Is this real?

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Best answer: Beware" Give them your credit number and they will use it big-time and you will be billed for whatever they buy .. This is a scam, Re: "YOU HAVE WON A VACATION: " means the room is free, but you will have to pay a """service charge'', your airfare and all your meals..... show more

i heard there iis this brand new product called deathshop alllows u to put it on a dead persons head and it allows them to shop while they are dead that is so cool i want to shop while i am dead i want to but can u actually shop while ur dead????????????????? imagine putting it on a dinosaurs head... show more

Someone used my credit card for their $900 worth of car maintenance

A car thats securing a personal loan.

Best answer: Using a credit card IS taking out a loan. Either way you've borrowed money that has to be paid back. With credit cards you have more flexibility about how much you borrow, when you borrow and how much you pay back each month. Spending money you don't have is generally not wise unless you're buying a... show more

Best answer: Talk to a lawyer to find out what the situation is in your state. If he died broke, his debts may have died with him, but that won't stop the creditors from trying to get you to pay.

Best answer: You can use PayPal, but your account still has to be linked to a credit card, even if isn't actually used in a purchase using your PayPal balance. PayPal used to have a way to buy using your personal check information but I don't know if they still have it.

Best answer: I'd have to ask my rich parents