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I have bad credit and I recently got a low limit card ($300) to help starting to rebuild my credit. I ve had it pretty well maxed out in a week while I was waiting for payday. I just got paid today and paid $250 on it, so I didn t pay off the entire balance owing. I m wondering how I should go about making... show more

I want credit card?

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Is it illegal for me to send money from PayPal credit from my one account to my other account? (So I can then transfer to my bank) it allows you to do it but not sure if they would investigate and get me for suspicious activity or something

I opened a new credit card?

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I opened a new credit card a few weeks ago. ran the limit up to %30 and instantly paid it off for June when the bill was available mid May. Then I ran it up to %30 again. Should I wait until my July bill comes in mid June to pay it off again, or should i pay it off now(end of may)?

My uncle is co-signing a loan for me to help me start building credit I was just wondering if he would be able to take the loan out in his name and have me pay and report that so it’s affecting my credit score?

Best answer: Mail a check with a copy of the invoice. Put the invoice number on the "memo" line of the check. Mail it to the address on the invoice. Make sure you keep a copy of the invoice for your own records. Write your check number on your copy of the invoice.

How to get a credit card?

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How do I get a credit card with a low credit score the only thing I have is student loans and medical bills my student loans are in default. I don’t want an unsecured credit. Tips tricks should I call credit places why can’t i recieve one for like $200 dollars

I've never had a late payment or anything! the last time I checked my score last year it was around 710. I just applied for a new card and the application showed my score at 648. I just recently paid off my card last month (I use it every so often for random things to build credit), again was never late on... show more

Get discount to pay in all early?

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I have to chose a plan of dental financial plan. They gave me the option to pay in 18 months without interest, the final cost is $3995. So it will be around $220 per month. Or to pay in 60 months but the final cost will be $5880 and the month payment would be around $98. My income is limited so I rather pay $98 per... show more

Best answer: There are some cards that put a hold on your account if you owe $.01 and the bill is over X days late. I would surmise that is what happened with you. Why don't you have your online account setup so you can see all your transactions and the statement. The way you are handling it now, you wouldn't know if... show more

Best answer: Major credit cards in the USA are now chip enabled. This means there is a small integrated circuit digitally encoded and nothing else is needed. The reader at the stores and the plastic around it is just for mechanical reliability, security, and consistency. A credit card can be a cell phone, micro-usb memory... show more

I had an ebay order from a person 3 days ago, and when they paid me I noticed the amount went down in paypal. I know they do take a share of the amount. But they took $7 this time from an order of $68, and the person paid $4 in tax. So in total they paid me $72. But paypal in short took out $7. Are they allowed to... show more

On the 9th of every month interest is taken from my credit. I pay my payments on every 6th, more then that’s required. But it’s like it’s almost like taking a step forward and two back. Any tricks to this? I’m mew

So I’m going to Greece this summer with my school organization and I’m thinking of bringing debit card with me since it’s easier and cheaper to get euros rather then carrying USD cash and convert it at the airport. My mom didn’t want me to use a bank debit card outside the country and one of our family friends... show more