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Obama did everything he could to trash oil production in the US - no new pipelines, stopping drilling and fracking on public lands (with no other activity), etc!

Why don't ppl just boycott Amazon?

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They're tax dodgers, cowboy employers and killing the High St. Why are we such hypocrits?

Best answer: Cheap

So I bought an item for 10 dollars on eBay, and eBay set an estimated delivery date of December 10th. Once the item was listed an shipped, I contacted the seller to ask if they had tracking info. In the original listing they claimed they shipped from Pennsylvania, but after contacting the seller it became obvious... show more

Best answer: Under the conditions that the sender hires them instead of using the post office

Best answer: Yes, they make Billions

Best answer: You don't understand at all how business works. It's part of the manager's job to keep the customer happy, so thtey come back and the business stays in business. They're not being two faced. The alternative is the manager tells the customer they're wrong and crazy, you feel better then but... show more

What is a code purple at Wal-Mart?

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Best answer: You would have to break the seals to do so. I don't think you will find it funny if you get caught.

Who is Wendy's meat supplier?

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Best answer: Its not public information...for a lot of reasons. They would use multiple suppliers, likely regionally as well.