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Poll: Do you like the Honda Accord?

14 answers · 20 hours ago
Best answer: Yes, I do. I bought a '17 Accord V6 last summer because of the advanced technical features that is provides to me such as the interface to my Google smart phone. The power is awesome...far more than I need...and the mileage is great. The only thing...and this isn't a criticism, really...is that prior to... show more

I came home last night really tired. I stay with my boyfriend and I told him to leave the door unlocked because I’m too tired to search for the house key. So I got home, left my car in drive with the keys in it, and just went in the house. I didn’t turn around at all walking into the house so I didn’t notice the... show more

Best answer: No. Require license or permit, And, major credit card. . I'm not even sure of permit. Major renters like Enterprise require you to be 25 or older. Most also require you to have insurance or buy it from them, more $. Best you borrow from a friend. I sympathise. I tried to rent a car at 60, I had no major... show more

Help with Uber?

6 answers · 2 days ago
So I’m at the house without a car but have two people to pick up from school tomorrow. Can I get an Uber to pick me up from the house, take me to both schools so I can pick them up, and take us all back home? I’ve never used Uber before, can you even do all that in one ride? If so, is there something I should do... show more

Now, these people are like poachers. But instead of going after animals, they go after your vehicles. For their components. What they do is. They'll steal vehicles, strip them down to parts. and (illegally) sell them on the market. Whether it's a Jalopy or a brand new. They'll hunt any vehicle. Such... show more

Best answer: There are a couple factors. The technology has improved for automatic transmissions to the point that fuel economy and acceleration are better than manual transmissions can not match their performance, even with professional drivers. Towing and moving heavy loads are even managed better by automatic transmissions,... show more

Teen car questions?

5 answers · 1 day ago
I'm wanting to get a car, I just don't know what kind, and how much everything will be. I have about 12 thousand saved up, will that be enough for gas, insurance, payments?? Or should I wait a until I have more money?

Im reading my drivers license handbook for Florida and it says, "Bumper Height Requirements - Owners of automobiles and pickup trucks are required to have both front and rear bumpers mounted within certain height levels. Height limitations are governed by the net shipping weight of the vehicle, not the... show more

Best answer: God is angry that you drive a Kia. He wanted you to buy a Jaguar

Best answer: Looks like you have to pass the "written" test (and provide all the needed ID/residency docs) to get a temporary instruction permit identification card (TIPIC), you need the TIPIC to go to the online site and sign up for the driving test. It doesn't appear that any waiting period is mandatory, but... show more

Do dirty cars get stolen?

5 answers · 3 days ago
Covered in food stains mold, maggots. No locks. It smells like fermented fruit and age old balogne. Old socks smell and black goo near all the doors but they open easy?

Best answer: Interstate system. Every year there are car and motorcycle clubs that do a Route 66 run, some of it on the freeway, and some on the old road, where possible. Sounds like fun. When I finish getting my vintage Corvette fixed up enough to where I can trust it, I might join in on one of those runs.