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Hey, I have a 2004 Ford Escape that has had the battery warning light on the dash for about a month. I took it to auto zone and the battery and alternator tested good. Today I'm out and it won't turn over and has no power. The battery terminals are clean and the connections look good. Any idea what... show more

Warming up/Defrosting car?

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I've always waited til the car interior is warmed up before i drive off in winter. My sister says its just a waste of gas and causing wear and tear on the motor. What say you YAHOO.

Where to look for lost car keys?

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my supervisor at work on his 2017 GMC Sierra Denali keeps his headlights on auto when he leaves his car from the parking lot and he does it every morning I always wondered if it will drain your battery. I want to do it on my Civic because it looks cool and it is halogen lights he has LED

OOPS! I broke a screw!?

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I broke a screw off that holds the plug wires in place when I was replacing my plugs on my 2011 Honda Cr-V. Is this something that I can easily fix or should it go to a mechanic? I did not over-tighten the screw and the car runs just fine. I was hand tightening the screw and it broke off in the hole!

Do fuel/engine additives really work?

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We see additives ranging from octane booster, fuel injector cleaner, engine tune-up, engine oil flush, to engine oil stop leaks. But do these products really work in your car, and up to what degree do these products work. If I were to use such products, I would go with STP or Liqui-Moly

Best answer: Don't waste your time guessing. Get a new drain plug and crush washer. Clean the surface. Put the crush washer and TORQUE the drain plug using a torque wrench.

My truck is a 2002 Chevy with just under 170k miles. I use synthetic oil

and I have not been using any o ring or washer in past 6 years and it is just a flanged bolt that keeps the oil from coming back out, but have not had any issues with oil leaking out of drain plug until recently, why maybe?

Best answer: If the car was moving rather then sitting in stop and go traffic the fuel range would be higher then if the car was just idling.The range recalculates when you are using gasoline and not putting miles on the vehicle.

Best answer: Sort of. You can run a dual fuel conversion that uses both diesel and propane to run the generator to some extent. This is done by simply adding a bit of propane to the intake. You may be able to get away with 50/50 diesel and propane. But there are many dangers to doing this that could cause damage to the engine... show more

Should I switch to a thicker oil?

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my friend is looking to buy a new car and the 2018 Civics and Cruze are going on sale because the 2019 models will be out soon. She wants to get either of those cars. But her dad wants her to get a CRV instead because he fears that she will get stuck in snow (EVEN WITH WINTER TIRES). He drives a 2017 GMC Sierra... show more

I have a 2006 Toyota Camry and I just had bank 2 sensor 1 O2 sensor changed, and my check engine light reset. How long will it take for the check engine light to come back on if the problem wasn t fixed?