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Car accident?

11 answers · 2 days ago
Hey, may sound stupid, the story is basically i was driving yesterday back home (motorway) i was speeding but just cant remember how fast, some guy pulled in front of me, i managed to avoid him but lost control of my car and wrote the car off. There is no one involved in accident , but im making a claim through my... show more

Hello, I feel really bad but basically I had my driving test yesterday and when I got asked to pull into a space on the driving test car park, I ended up driving too close and therefore hitting the wall. (I drove closer due to me thinking there was a bit more space). Turns out I've left a crack in the silver... show more

Best answer: No, your new insurance will not cover an incident that happened before you had their coverage. To attempt to claim this would be committing fraud.

Car Accident Dilemma, Am I Screwed?

29 answers · 5 days ago
Recently, I let a friend drive my vehicle. I am covered through Progressive Car Insurance, and only had Liability Coverage on my vehicle. When I let him drive my vehicle, he got into an accident where he was at fault, and hit a pole. Upon striking the pole, both airbags in my vehicle deployed and the car was... show more

I Geico full coverage with the uninsured driver add on. Our policy is $250 deductable and covers up to $25,000. I have to wait on them to look at the car before they can tell me anything else, and get the police report, but after that they said we would get a check. I'm assuming it's only for the value of... show more

I was cut off by a taxi on a roundabout on a motorcycle and went right into their side. I shouldn't have been on the bike because. Onto currently have a motorcycle license. However the taxi driver admits he is at full fault and gave me his details. If I'm not insured or supposed to be on the bike, can I... show more

I'm a co borrower of a car loan with joint ownership of vehicle and the insurance in my name. They've recently been getting multiple traffic violations resulting in jail time for the last incident. Would this also affect me? Also, she has no license

please don’t make any rude comments because i’ve already had a lot of time to think abut my mistake, but i am 19 years old with a pending dui. i’m working towards getting privileges but in order to do that i need a car and insurance, and i’m not sure if it depends on the type of insurance you have or what but i... show more

Do I book myself a driving lesson to refresh myself on manoeuvres like reversing etc or not?

I got a man in the street to sign it. 1) Over 18 2) Not a relative 3) Doesn't live at my house 4) has full licence what's with that? They haven't given a reason - is he a mass murderer or something?

I’m currently paying 150 a month for my 93 Silverado and I was wondering how much will it cost with my Firebird I’m 18 almost 19 and I’m under my grandmother insurance with farmers insurance

I was driving in the lane of a parking lot come up to a stop line and somebody coming from the parking spots on the right of me tried to shoot through the gap between the front right side of my car and an island. Scraped up the front right of my car ~$2,000 in damages and their driver side front and rear doors.... show more