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Can I cancel insurance on a car that is financed?

19 answers · Insurance & Registration · 12 hours ago
I'm leaving the country for three months and cannot attend to my vehicle for an additional three months after that. I have arranged for relatives to care for the car, crank it, and drive it around occasionally. I'm curious to know if I could cancel the insurance during this time but continue to pay the car... show more

Tried to get battery looked at at Autozone, the guy said it's only showing about 10.47 volts. I asked if he could check the alternator, but his computer said no because the battery wasn't 12V. The guy said only way to check alternator with low battery is to take alternator out of car. Can't do that. So... show more

Car broke down don’t know what to do.?

12 answers · Buying & Selling · 18 hours ago
Hello, So to start I am in college going for nursing, I pay my tuition, rent and all the other college bills like books and utilities groceries and such. Well my trucks suspension went out and they are saying is $2100 dollars to fix. I am getting a second opinion and the guy I know says it shouldn’t be that much.... show more

Can I find my stolen car?

13 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 18 hours ago

Where can i buy tires and they do free installation?

10 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 11 hours ago

Located seller that sold me a stolen car! WHAT DO I DO?!?

10 answers · Buying & Selling · 7 hours ago
I purchased a stolen/cloned vehicle in March. The police found out and inspected the car and took it away from me. This was a couple of months ago. He said the police will want a statement from me (Like contact details of the seller. What he looks like... ect.) The police haven't been in contact which shows... show more

Lately I’ve just been wanting to pack up my motorcycle sell everything and just ride

Are there any car insurances for liability for under $80 a month in Missouri?

14 answers · Insurance & Registration · 2 days ago

How do I pay my car loan I,minnewhampshire my bank isinflorida?

10 answers · Buying & Selling · 22 hours ago

What do you do if you can t drive for six months?

12 answers · Insurance & Registration · 2 days ago
The problem here is, I can t drive to college and if I do, I need someone who is 21 or over. Because i took the written rest and have to wait six month just to take the driving test. I will be living by myself, and I am in a state that I have never been in. The school also doesn t have a dorm and there is almost no... show more

Best answer: I think dtiver test people take a course in being mean and nasty..

Best answer: No. It is basically a balloon filled with Hydrogen gas. As you know balloons filled with Helium gas also float. Helium atom is TWICE the size of a Hydrogen atom...and helium balloons finally get soft and land as the Helium escaped between the molecules that make up the bag. Hydrogen would escape even faster... show more

Are ninja 250 easy fixer upper bike?

9 answers · Motorcycles · 1 day ago
Hello, a guy i know is selling a ninja 250 2007 for $500 and its body is in great condition just has mechanical issues. Im wondering if its worth buying and fixing up? Are ninja 250 parts expensive? Im in no rush to go buy a bike just seen this one and was wondering if i could buy it as a project bike.

I forgot to put my car in park and it rolled away. What do I do now?

14 answers · Other - Cars & Transportation · 3 days ago
I came home last night really tired. I stay with my boyfriend and I told him to leave the door unlocked because I’m too tired to search for the house key. So I got home, left my car in drive with the keys in it, and just went in the house. I didn’t turn around at all walking into the house so I didn’t notice the... show more

Do i have a lemon on my car?

9 answers · Dodge · 23 hours ago
So i bought my 2013 dodge dart on march 31 2018. 2 weeks after the sun visor broke off and the dealer said they cannot do anything about it. Then i found out the lights on the back seat of the car is broken.Then a few months later i was told i need transmission fluid. I get that taken care of then a month later i... show more

What do you call these type of vehicles/cars?

7 answers · Other - Cars & Transportation · 16 hours ago