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Best answer: Either provenance matters or it does not. If it doesn't matter, then why is Kanye West ever in the news at all? See the catch there? If you're ignoring provenance, you'd need to ignore all stories about him at all, rather than just ignoring "bad" stories. Which you can do quite easily with... show more

Best answer: I think some do it in public spaces hoping that someone will ask. I saw an artist doing some sketchwork, and they had this look about them that they were just hoping someone would come by and take an interest in them. I would think writers probably would prefer to be left alone, but not all of them for sure. I... show more

Best answer: Why would you want to kill Rose. Didn't she suffer enough? What if she, not the iceberg alone, made the Titanic sink? She had a chocolate craving. The compartment walls were made of Belgian chocolate. The iceberg punched a few holes into the ship's side just as she had munched a hole in the barrier... show more

My friend really likes to collect notebooks, and I wanted to give her a very nice notebook for her birthday. She really likes moleskine notebooks, and I wanted to get her something similar, but fancier/nicer/more personalized. I want the option to customize the notebook as much as possible because she's very... show more

What's considered a Hollywood movie?

7 answers · 2 months ago
Is it movies from the major studios or does it include all films made in the U.S like indies? Thank you!

Some hint how to sell a movie script?

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I've been reading about law of attraction so i decided to put into practice but i don't wanna waste my time and do it wrong. So guys if you have had success with it please give me some advices by the way, does it work to increase your height?

What does 666 symbolize?

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Best answer: Just do it.

Best answer: You could have Lilly tell him at the cookout or tell him in a cute way with the kids. Happy Writing

I don't think so. No one (including me) gives cares about prostate cancer, since it's a cancer that only mostly effect men. We care more about "breast cancer", since that cancer only mostly effect women. Why do you think breast cancer gets A LOT more attention than prostate cancer does?... show more

Best answer: That's a cross between Goodfellas and A Bronx Tale, pretty much. That doesn't mean you can't make it your own, you just might look at those for tips.

How much would my art sell for?

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Best answer: Only the ones living in billion dollar mansions which is none. I mean if you were psychic wouldn't you have bought Apple stock when it was way low?

No. There I said it.

Can you explain what conformity is?

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