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I'm not the best at drawing, can I still 3D Model?

5 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 13 hours ago
I plan on studying digital media in university that consists of 3D Modelling. I'm not so good with drawing but i'm fascinated by 3D model and computer animations through software such as blender. Will I be fine?

I painted an Owl, does it look like an OWL?

20 answers · Painting · 6 days ago

Have you ever drawn a nude model in art class?

7 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 3 days ago
Best answer: The actual process differs but essentially a tutor-led session will begin with you setting up your equipment and grabbing a space, you may be seated with boards or, better IMO, standing at an easel. The tutor will then introduce the model and explain the structure of the session, often starting with a few very... show more

My boyfriend has a giant American flag hanging up in his living room. I like it a lot, and a lot of Marines he served with who gave their lives have signed the flag. However his ex girlfriend had signed it, and it wouldn’t be a big deal if she didn’t write a bunch of love stuff along with it. However, he has asked... show more

What is the best city to live in to make a living off artwork?

13 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 6 days ago
I love my art and I would love to make it majority of my life but I currently work a desk job and have no time to even get into my artwork because of it. I live in Savannah and the city isn't exactly the cheapest in the world. I have not gone to art school nor do I plan to I don't have the income and I... show more

I want to do art commissions but have no idea how to do them?

5 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 4 days ago
Best answer: You would set those terms with the client. If you were working digitally then a file might be acceptable, but for "traditional" art I would expect (and probably most clients) to receive the original.

What are some good resources for a beginning photographer?

10 answers · Photography · 7 days ago

Best answer: My response assumes that nothing illegal is happening in said photos, you're of sound mind, you're a legal adult, the photos are not of a pornographic nature but instead would be considered fine art, and that anyone in the shots have provided you with expressed written permission to post such... show more

Anyone knows what's the specific term for this kind of effect?

5 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 4 days ago

Best answer: Here are possible categories: Famous buildings/structures Popular sports/hobbies Countryside Coast Main Industries National dress Celebrities Politicians Fauna and flora

How much should I charge for a photo and video shoot?

6 answers · Photography · 6 days ago
A friend contacted me with the need of someone to take pictures, video and then edit the video clips I take into a short 1 min promotion video. She asked me how much I’m going to charge, I usually do these types of things for free so I don’t know how much to charge. What’s avaerage rate per hour for an amateur to... show more

Is Filtering my instagram photos a bad or good thing?

5 answers · Photography · 5 days ago
Best answer: Do whatever you want with your photos :) I use filters to keep a nice theme for my feed, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

Does an artist’s hand grow after doing Art for a long time?

5 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 5 days ago
Best answer: Short answer no. The bones in your hands wont grow longer just from using them so your hands wont get bigger from art. Your hands will grow along with the rest of until you are around 18-21 or so. That's probably what you're seeing. That said the more you work a muscle the thicker and stronger the bone... show more

How do you increase the amount of ink that comes out of a ballpoint pen?

6 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 7 days ago
Pen Problems

Hello, l lost my cpl/nd filter-all in one filter--and wanted the same effect but can only find the "double" cpl nd filter set up-does this work effectively-etc.----or is it best to find the filter I lost--etc.----the NSSI cpl/nd all in one filter etc.---??