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Why are alpha males so useless?

92 answers · Gender Studies · 3 days ago

Best answer: She is explaining the meaning of snobbism to you

Why do men always tell women to smile?

23 answers · Gender Studies · 1 day ago
sometimes men say it to random women on the street. im seriously wondering why though? it seems like men hate to see women with a straight face or a grumpy face. im just wondering cuz i would never tell a man to smile, i just dont see whats the big deal in it

Y'know, you see pretty much every rock star has a wife, okay some have had a few like Mick Jagger, but there are some who have had a wife for almost their entire career -- Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon, Victoria Clarke and Shane MacGowan, Keith Richards and his wife...Is it just for their money or because although... show more

Why is being a “cat lady” considered a bad thing?

29 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago
Like god forbid a woman has an actual job and isn’t a loser stay at home mom and doesn’t want to pop out a million babies and make her husband food every day even though he’s perfectly capable of doing it himself. I hate babies and love cats, I don’t get what’s wrong with that

Why is life so complicated?

11 answers · Psychology · 1 day ago
Best answer: Every now and then, I’ll sit there and think “what’s the worst thing in my life right now?” Then I’ll eliminate that thing/person. My circle is small, sometimes lonely, but for the most part, I’m happy. I’m never involved in any drama, for the most part, I have a pretty stress free life. Don’t think about things so... show more

Does humanity need to purge half its population?

60 answers · Sociology · 4 days ago

Jealousy is a normal human emotion?

14 answers · Psychology · 16 hours ago

Best answer: What do we do with a Yahoo Poe troll, What do we do with a Yahoo Poe troll, What do we do with a Yahoo Poe troll Ear-ly in the morning? Way hay and up she rises, Way hay and up she rises, Way hay and up she rises, Ear-ly in the morning

Gender equality refers to the equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities, not just the equal rights and responsibilities. Do women want gender privilege rather than gender equality? I am not going to buy the "women are physically weaker than men" argument, since if it was just about physical... show more

What do you think about toxic masculinity?

11 answers · Gender Studies · 11 hours ago

If men got pregnant, would abortion be legal everywhere?

20 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago
Best answer: There are women who are dead-set against abortion. There are men who support it. The basic concept of a person's right to choose what happens to that person's body vs. when a fetus becomes a baby are fundamental, *NOT* gendered. Yes, the issue is a bit more visceral with women than with men, but... show more

Best answer: Do you enjoy being alone? A lot of us feel pressured by society to date and get married or hang out with people we don't want to, just because others do it. It may really be that you have subconsciously decided not to pursue these things and you feel the pressure from others and what you think society... show more

How do you become happy?

11 answers · Psychology · 16 hours ago
any tips?