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Is the U.S. a rape culture as feminists claim?

48 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago

What are your thoughts on MGTOW (Men Going Thier Own way)?

16 answers · Gender Studies · 15 hours ago

Should we ban single mothers from society?

11 answers · Gender Studies · 9 hours ago
They are a burden to everybody. I can't believe men actually date them and take on the responsibilities of raising ANOTHER man's kid.

Ive ruined my life. I’m 24 and for the past 8 (5 of them physically abusive) I have been with the same boyfriend and have gotten so used to being blamed i forgot i was even a victim until his birthday today, when he beat me and told me the only present he wants is for me to stop asking him to get a job (he lives... show more

Does regret beget regret?

8 answers · Psychology · 19 hours ago
If you could go back and change the one thing you regret the most? What else would then change which you might then regret?

No suicidal stuff but what is the point of living?

14 answers · Psychology · 2 days ago
Why are we here. what’s our purpose.

I stayed with him because I loved him and because he was my whole life. He left me after several years and I now see he did me a favor by leaving. But why did he abuse me in the first place?

Can 2 blonde haired parents make a black haired child?

13 answers · Anthropology · 2 days ago

Is misandry becoming more common and acceptable?

23 answers · Gender Studies · 3 days ago

Why is most domestic violence initiated by women?

16 answers · Gender Studies · 3 days ago
Don’t they realize if the guy fights back, she’s likely to get the worst of it?

Best answer: And your question about this issue is what? Mature people don't reply to insults, with more insults. Nothing to gain by lowering yourself to someone else's (low) level.

Citing data that contradicts feminism is now considered heresy... What does this mean for science, that feminist dogma is considered 'acceptable' at a science convention while data-supported conclusions are considered improper behavior for a scientist ( if they contradict pc dogma)..?

Best answer: Hillary was speaking to a female audience so she felt it was fine to share her misandrist views.

How to stop getting attracted to older men.?

27 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago

Now I can understand men's day being forgotten just like fathers day (do you even know what day that is?). Butt to combine those two things is an obvious direct insult to the very people who support EVERYBODY on the planet. Should we all go on strike and see who the true supportive ones are?... show more

Why didn’t men take WOMEN seriously?

14 answers · Gender Studies · 1 day ago
Best answer: Back then? I still laugh now!

How can one make money by making #MeToo accusations?

9 answers · Gender Studies · 3 days ago

At 50, they think they are going to land an 18 year old wife and actually believe she can get turned on by him. They believe their sagging scrotum, limp penis, mutated sperm, hanging stomach, flabby arms, man boobs, turkey neck, wrinkly faces, bags under eyes, thinning hair and hair sprouting out their ears is so... show more