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Why did Hitler commit suicide?

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Best answer: They were https://web.archive.org/web/200602071714...

Best answer: The United Nations was not formed until after WW2. We'll get that out of the way. The League of Nations was in operation between WW1 and WW2. However, it was not effective towards forcing Nazi Germany to change its ways. Just like someone in their front yard, yelling across the street about someone else in... show more

Wouldn't India be better off if it were subject to the civilizing influence of British rule? Couldn't Britain have kept India in the Empire by the dispatch of a few divisions? Why were the Socialists and the Mountbattens so willing to get rid of it?

I really need to know!!

Alexander Hamilton, historically speaking, wasn't black.

Best answer: Bill Clinton = one of the best presidents of all time. Took over the White House with more than 7% unemployment and ended his presidency with less than 5% unemployment, AND a budget surplus (after he raised taxes on the rich). There was peace during his presidency, and he helped ban assault weapons (few mass... show more

Why did the Romans fear the Druids?

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Best answer: In southern England in the 1950s I played "Cowboys and Indians", along with other sorts of games. Never "English against French", very occasionally games with medieval flavour. Many games concerned Germans or Nazis, since WW2 was just a few years earlier.

Best answer: America would lose because they would not have any Bases in the UK

Best answer: America was never free. It is true for a period after WW2 before the 80s, poor and middle class white men had more financial freedom, because they were paid more (comparatively) than they are now.

History is not much different than bible.

I've always been told that Christopher Columbus thought he had arrived in India when he had really arrived in the US. Naturally, he called the Native people there, Indians. Obviously nowadays, we know that he did not arrive in India, and that Native Americans have nothing to do with Indians. But my history... show more