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Best answer: Isaacc Newton

Best answer: as of 2009 No proof that Hitler Died in the Bunker but there are since the collapse of the USSR statements that Hitler and Eva were alive on the First of May have emerged from some of the Original so called Witnesses read on Different versions of Hitler's fate were presented by the Soviet Union according to... show more

Did Julius Caesar ever visit Rome?

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I know he conquered Gaul and went to Britain, Greece, and Egypt, but did he ever step foot in Rome

Best answer: No, Bin Laden is dead, killed by Seal 6, the American special forces.

And why did they have to be blonde hair and blue eyes?

Best answer: White supremacist groups clearly supported Trump. They have supported republicans since the 1060's. The Democratic party did not start the KKK, White conservatives from the south did. The KKK was not started by the Democrratic party. The KKK was formally and officially welcomed into the Republican Party in... show more

They can be about anything. I’m interested.

Best answer: Zero arrived in Europe after trading with the East during the Twelfth Century.

you know how most people, all I have seen besides Hitler, fold their arms together the same on both sides, folded in. but Hitler has his hand on the right side on top of his elbow on the left side...anyone noticed? I know Hitler studied his acting skills in front of a photographer and mirror, so what did this... show more

I am writing a short story about time travel that features a modern Social Justice Warrior who was born in 1989 traveling back in time to different eras and being jarred by the difference between what was actually happening and what they have come to believe in modern times. I was going to start with the 1960s. ... show more