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Was Barack Obama a Black Panther?

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Best answer: I just called him and asked him. He says he wasn't.

I've noticed a recurring theme of the "prophets" aka political intellectuals in middle east under the oppression of the roman empire dictating and mixing their personal grievances/politics into religion to try to spread their ideas throughout roman empire and execute some kind of social change to... show more

Was it like what we saw in the Spartacus TV show (like almost Shakespearean dialogue) or like what we saw in the HBO Rome series?

Was he in London? Or outside London?

How did slaves light their room?

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The US govt faked the Gulf of Tonkin hoax to get into Vietnam. They also dumped Agent Orange on the Vietnamese population and did the My Lai massacre. Burnt innocent civilians with napalm. The govt was backing the the tyrannical Diem regime in South Vietnam.

Best answer: All I can think of is the Spanish went to conquer and pillage and likely took no women with them so if they wanted a wife married a local indian. The British went there to colonise and settle and many took wives with them.

Would it have been better if the fire fighters didn't go into the buildings? Would less lives had been lost that day, with the accumulated number of dealths due to the dead firefighters?

For domestic slaves in the big cities it would be hard to hide the news of their emancipation from them. But what about all the agricutural slaves? Very few slaves could read or write, in fact up until the very moment slavery was abolished, it was illegal in most places to teach slaves to read or write. And most... show more

Best answer: The term pogrom is usually applied to anti-Jewish violence in the Russian Empire in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. During World War II, Nazi German death squads encouraged local populations in German-occupied Europe to commit pogroms against Jews. Brand new battalions of Volksdeutscher Selbstschutz... show more

Best answer: Not really significant ones. To be honest, his later career tended to overshadow his artistic side.

I mean he honorably defended the gallic lands and then laid down his weapons when he realized he lost, but Rome still imprisoned and executed him. He should have made him governer (or deputy-governor, under a roman) of Gaul or something.

You know the popular saying, "we'd all be speaking German". The alternate historians paint the picture of an entire northern hemisphere with a swastika superimposed upon it. But I question whether the Germans could've pulled this off (or far how long they would've even wanted to) once Hitler,... show more