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Best answer: I sure Thought I did. I soon learned Better. Shoulda joined the Marines, wouldn't have hurt me none.

How do I connect to Universe?

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How do I pray to Universe to help me achieve my dreams and save me from death?

Are there any fundamental truths?

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because those people of colour believe white caucasoids most resemble the typical worldwide cesare borgia image of jesus christ who has for centuries been not just the 'son of god' but according to the trinity 'god himself' ? (evident by their actions and regardless of their stated religion or... show more

everyone's karma effects every single one and a single person's Karma effect on everyone.

Best answer: After ancient times the Jews were the ones being dominated by the Czars in Russia and by the Christian governments in Europe as they were forced to live in Ghettos and could only do certain jobs being banned from many professions. The Christian Colonial governments forced Christianity upon the natives of the... show more

Best answer: As my mother always says, whatevers in the dark, always comes to light.

Im writing a philosophy paper and am having trouble thinking about this question. Is it impossible to completely eliminate uncertainty? Can we know for certain about anything? Any input is appreciated

Last time I checked we all breathe the same air. Should we punish countries that don't make an effort with trade sanctions?

All immoral actions are commuted out of ignorance. Either ignorance f the harm one is doing to others, ignorance of the harm one is doing to oneself ignorance of the possible alternatives to the wrongful actions.

Best answer: Every human can exercize choice.