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Men can reproduce till a much older age as compared to women. So, doesn't it make more sense if men didn't lose their hair, so they could look more attractive (and healthy/fertile) to potential female mates for procreation? So, why haven't they evolved to not lose their hair? Why do so many of them go... show more

I'm 17 and my penis is 8 inches long and 6.3 inches around. Is that normal? Many girls stare at me and bring it up in conversations. One girl tried to talk to me before she said she saw the outline in my pants. I don't see girls talking to other boys like this and my brothers makes fun of it sometimes. Is... show more

I’m the tallest of my family in my parents & siblings.

What counts as a micro penis?

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me and my girlfriend is debating if I have a micro penis or not I have a 2.7 inch erect well she told me yes anything below 3 is micro penis but I googled it a bit and it said only 2 inches and below so I said no I dont have one but we saw another article saying anything that is 2.8 below is one but another said... show more

I’m now a 17 year old male and I started masturbating when I was almost 15. I hit puberty when I was 11 though. I know because I had public hair and armpit hair. Is that weird because online it says it’s normal to start 9-12. Why didn’t I start masturbatung though once I hit puberty?! I also have friends who say... show more

Best answer: That's a bit more than most, but not unheard of. Most guys your age do it once a day or every other day, maybe occasionally more than once in a day.

Best answer: Where does this stupid belief come from that masturbation is bad for you. Masturbation is extremely important part of a teenage boys life as it cleans out the body of old sperm to make way for the fresh healthy sperm guys constantly produce. It exercises your sex organs and the fact is they need exercise just... show more

He's 14, staying with us for a week. Me and my roommate came home from the market and found him standing naked in the living room having a bit of a play. He freaked out, we (probably unfairly) laughed and he ran away to his room. I feel really bad, and feel like I should talk to him. But I don't know what... show more

And what about the difference between a 13 Year old boy and a 14 Year old boy?

Best answer: It's a sign of early stage cancer. But I think it can be cured with chemotherapy. But side effects are often impotence , but It's no so bad as you are probably not going to die. Just look at Middle Ages, there were enunchs who were castrated, and some led pretty meaningful lives.

I have no shaft when flaccid?

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Well obviously it's there, but it's pretty much invisible. All you can really see is the head. It's like the shaft goes inside my body. But when it's erect, I think it's normal, I fit into condoms fine. Do you know what this could be? This is not a joke.

Best answer: Semen is slightly alkaline and will typically have a slight bleach/ammonia smell. I don't know what bleach tastes like, but I suspect it is a case of the link between taste and smell causing what you've described.