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I am a 24 year old woman.I am engineer and came to Germany for a business.I met a German guy ,he is 33 years old.I am so interested in him. I have flirted with a lot of men but never feel ready and comfortable to have sex with any of them but i really want to have sex with this guy.Should i tell him that i'm... show more

I work at subway, when I first started my manager would call about once a week asking me to come in on a day I’m not scheduled, come in an hour or two earlier or stay one to a few hours later, it has since become an everyday thing, she’ll ask before every shift or during every shift, I know it’s more money if I... show more

I'm stupid I know but I had sex while on uti treatment and now I'm done with the antiobiotic (macrobid) after 7 days and there's a burning sensation still...had sex on like day three of the treatment. Any advice?

How to make my period hurt less?

43 answers · 2 weeks ago
No pills

Best answer: Long time ago after my daughter was born and when we didn't have a choice of ones with spermicide I used condoms for over 20 years and never got pregnant again.

What's your opinion on abortion?

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Best answer: To some it does. Others... not so much.

Terrible cramps!! What do I do?

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I’m sixteen and every time I get my period I have terrible cramps. I’ve had it since I was 11, and they’ve always been bad. Sometimes I throw up or pass out because of the pain. I’ve tried Advil, Tylenol, Pamprin, and Alieve, but nothing works. Neither does exercise or hotwaterbottles. The pain is debilitating, I... show more

UGH Why do I have muscle jerks?

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Im a 26 year old female otherwise healthy but for as long as I can remember I have had random muscle jerks when Im just sitting down relaxing or laying down. Where my muscle will just spasm or something and send that arm, leg, hand, whatever jerking for a split second. Its so annoying and I dont know why this... show more

Best answer: You should go see a doctor about being anemic and having irregular periods. To prevent being anemic, you should change your diet and eat iron rich foods.

I’m 13 years old, October 11 I got my first period, I haven’t gotten it since. Is this normal? I’m not sexually active btw

I’ve been taking the birth control pill for about two weeks, and for a couple of days now I’ve kinda had some diarrhea. It’s never directly after taking the pill (I take it at 9:30pm every day). It’s usually HOURS after taking it - like in the morning or later on the next day. It’s not severe either, it’s just... show more

Best answer: Your body does NOT have a clock. Anytime during the day will do.

I’m a Virgin but I still don’t think my vaginal contractions should be so hard.

Why is my chest so flat?

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I'm 16 and my boobs are so small :( It makes me sad because a lot of outfits look bad bc of my chest, and my friends all have bigger boobs.

Best answer: It is said that "women become naughty at the age of forty", It is all due to hyper activity of hormones. You are lucky to enjoy sex life again like a 16 years old girl.

I wouldn’t call it assault bc they didn’t know they were doing anything I didn’t want. But i didn’t and I feel gross about it. But what would I call it?