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Best answer: Very much so. It's good to keep the blood flowing to the vagina to keep it lubricated so it doesn't dry out and cause more frequent infections.

Why can’t he penetrate me deeply?

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My boyfriend and I just started having sex not that long ago (we’ve only had it like 3 times so far) he always uses a condom, but I’ve noticed when he first tries to go inside of me it burns. Every time and so he can’t try and go in deep because it burns from the start. He can only get the head inside of me. I’m a... show more

Can precum get you pregnant?

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I was having sex with my girlfriend & while I was on top she said she is about to squirt I continued to keep going & felt her squirting I then pulled out & let her finish, when she finished I put my penis back in. Is it ok & safe what I did

Why do women have large labia?

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I'm not kidding, I'm badly addicted to it. How do I cure myself of this addiction? Will it make my lips even more bigger (they're already pouty)? Do men think it's unattractive for a woman to chew gum most of the time?

I took 3 morning after pills in a spawn of 2-3 months which messed up my period (last time I took it at the end of December). Yesterday I had unprotected sex and the same thing happened again... My boyfriend ejaculated inside me and I don’t think I can take those pills anymore..Or can I? Any other alternatives?... show more

When I put a finger inside my vagina what should I feel? I currently feel like there is a large lump on one side of my vagina making it hard to have sex. I have been sexually active for years and never had problem but recently have been experiencing discomfort during sex, or difficulty achieving penetration at all.... show more

Do I look good in flannel?

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Is Kylie Jenner from here?

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Best answer: Is the pain limited to skin, like the itching is? Something is irritating the skin. It can be the materials your bra is made of (lace is a common culprit), your detergent, your washing machine or hand washing not rinsing out all the detergent, or simply very dry skin.

Best answer: The penis is a big clitoris. In the womb, we all start out as female, then the Y chromosome is recognized and then male characteristics begin to form. This is also why men have nipples, they form in the womb before gender is determined.