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Why is supermans name superman ?

13 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: I grew up with the original Superman, the 'canonical' one. Superman appeared in comic book form in 1939, reprinted several times in the 1950s, and I had a reprint copy at one point. The thing is, Superman has been rebooted at least two or three times, and each time the story was changed to make it more... show more

Best answer: He and Barney were accepted in a NASA program thats intention was to drum up public interest in the space program by having an average person go into space. Barney, having gone sober for the program, vastly outperformed Homer in the trials to be selected and was a sure thing to be the eventual astronaut, but was a... show more

What is your favorite cartoon?

21 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: Road Runner!

What do you think of this drawing?

11 answers · 5 days ago

Who would win and why? I say Wonder Woman!

1. Logan 2. Deadpool 3. The Crow 4. Dredd 5. RoboCop (1987) 6. Kick-A*s 7. Darkman 8. V for Vendetta 9. Watchmen 10. Blade II 11. The Punisher (2004) 12. Super 13. Deadpool 2 14. Robocop 2 15. Blade (1998) 16. Kick-A*s 2 17. Punisher: War Zone 18. The Crow: City of Angels 19. Blade: Trinity 20. The Punisher... show more

Best answer: Godzilla

Best answer: people want it and people like to make it, and it's super easy to share online. as long as the demand is there, it will still be there and there's nothing you can do about it.

Best answer: It's because Sailor Moon is the princess of the Moon, daughter of Queen Serenity. So she is the leader of the Sailor Scouts.

Best answer: That's a tough call, as they've made so many good ones. I'd give it a tossup between Justice League: New Frontier, which is not only an awesome story, as adapted from the wonderful Darwyn Cooke, but which also was made in the same art style as Cooke's terrific graphic novel, and Superman Unbound,... show more

Does everyone have to like anime?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
I feel like people on the internet want everyone to like anime just as much as them? Is it wrong if someone just can't get into it? Am I a bad internet person?

I don't like anime!? Help?!?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Anime is totally unreal. It would be interesting if their stories were realistic.