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Best answer: Yeah. There was this family that was stranded out in the wilderness and the only water they had was undrinkable. They survived by using the water to give themselves enemas.

Best answer: witchcraft LMFAO

Is a 10mg Valium a good sleep aid?

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Tips on daily water enemas?

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So I did some research just to make sure I didn t find something bad because I m a pure child and I m scared when it comes to drugs haha, but I found out it s a Vitamin D pill/capsule. Looks just like the first image you see: Is that bad? Are kids... show more

i do jot wanna work anymore and i would like disability

Why do I feel like i'm dying?

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Best answer: Have you died before? How do you know that this is like dying? Drink more water.

Tips on my water enema? TMI?

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Best answer: Are you sure you don't just need to wipe better? Different brand of toilet paper or wetwipes perhaps.

Best answer: Yea boy

Since US doctors won’t do it since I am 22

Numb penis?

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Best answer: it happens from too much masturbation, the feeling will return if u leave it alone for a few hrs,stop wasting time and go get a job.

Best answer: first you need to check your iron status brewers yeast flaxseed oil inositol maca rhodiola vitamin c the list is endless

Best answer: Allergen avoidance is the primary natural way to treat allergies. Depending on your specific allergen you can use different methods to avoid. House-dust mites: - Reduce mite population by lowering the household humidity to less than 40%, applying acaricides, and reducing carpets, upholstered furniture, stuffed... show more