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Girl at work acting weird?

6 answers · Abuse and Spam · 9 hours ago
I work at a bar and one day I walked in o the glass wash room next to the bar and a girl I work with thats kinda new who I haven’t talked to stared at me kind of smiling a little as I walked in the doorway as she was sorting glasses and she didn’t look away but I thought nothing of it. The next weekend I needed to... show more

POLL: do you love the sound of your own voice?

42 answers · Hair · 2 days ago

POLL: is today the greatest day of your life?

22 answers · Other - Skin & Body · 2 days ago

Would she benefit from lip fillers, brow tattoos cheek implants or botox?

15 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 1 day ago

What can I do to make these boots look better?

13 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 20 hours ago

Do u color ur hair?

51 answers · Hair · 5 days ago

Whats your opinion of tattoos?

36 answers · Tattoos · 4 days ago

Can blonde hair grey at age 28?

11 answers · Hair · 15 hours ago

Where do I apply foundation on my face?

26 answers · Makeup · 3 days ago

POLL: what dose your house smell of?

58 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 5 days ago

Do all women have thin hair after they age?

15 answers · Hair · 2 days ago
Best answer: Nope. My grandma is 95 and still has full, thick hair.

How can i showbof my curves?

9 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 10 hours ago
i am a petite girl and i have a pear shaped body. my curves are one of my favourite features and i wanna show them off. how can i?

I am looking for a solution or cream or (something) that can make "cut" hair grow REALLY FAST? I had a bad haircut and it is WAY shorter in the back than what I wanted. Can I go to a hair salon -or- perhaps Walmart might have something I can get?

How long do you take in the shower?

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