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My mother had a problem with the IRS last week, as they took out $800 from my college savings account. They were able to do this because we had a joint account set up. She then called the IRS a first time asking if they could put the money back or if she could do payments. One of the workers then told her that the... show more

Until last year I never worse suits, but I got a job where wearing a suit was a requirement. We were literally told that the suit is our uniform when visiting clients and when in the office. The only time I wear these clothes is when working. I have other un-reimbursed job related expenses I'm deducting. ... show more

Best answer: Do not claim exempt. You do not know when something might change that would make even one dollar subject to tax. You don't have to give the IRS a great big interest-free loan; you can minimize it. I find it odd that with everything else you told us, you did NOT say how many allowances you have been taking on... show more

Purchased car with loan years ago for parents. They paid the loan as the years went by. Had $1500 and they wanted to pay it off. They did so and we transferred title. The car is worth more per kbb and now their accountant is wanting to tax them on value per oh law. Is that applicable in this scenario since they... show more

Tax threshhold is 12,000 per year.

How much money did Moochy and Barack Obama make last year?

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Best answer: How did they get so wealthy anyway? Why send your kid to a rich private school?

Best answer: The system is not always right, and an offset could start at any time. It can still be taken.

If I am filing jointly married with a total of 38,000 for income and also with 2 dependents. We are both are self- employed.

If my w-2 is only $527 do i have to file taxes?

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Why does the tax code favor debt over equity?

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His home address is their home address, he doesnt go to school. They said that they claimed him last year, and their tax guy said as long as he lived there for 6 months he can be claimed as a dependant. I told them that I think this is illegal, and they dont believe me. They keep saying they're going to talk... show more