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for instance, i bought a sofa and paid sales tax on it when i bought it from the store, does the government want to double dip and collect again?

What is obamacare?

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Best answer: A better healthcare system than what we have right now.

Tax fraud?

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my birth mother claimed me as a dependent on her taxes for 2018 even though I have not spoken to her/seen her/lived with her since I was 15. My dad has primary custody of me and she has not paid a dime for any of my education, expenses, ANYTHING in the past four years. I am 19 now but was 18 at the end of last... show more

What would happen if taxes didn’t exist?

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I get taxes withheld from all of my paychecks, it causes me great financial distress and makes me question why I work in the first place if i can’t have every single penny to myself. The biggest portions of money withheld from my check are Social security and Medicare tax. I personally don’t approve of social... show more

Best answer: It has to be done once a year, and you don't have to pay anyone; you can do it yourself.

How can I speak with someone at the IRS?

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Best answer: Yes. If you receive or earn the pay, then you need to report it on your taxes. If you give it away to a 501(c)(3) charity, then you can deduct that on your taxes for the year that you give it away. If you give it away to a human, then you cannot deduct it. But, either way, you have to report it on your taxes... show more

Do I have to do taxes if its not really a business?

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I do tarot readings on instagram (Not for alot, like $7 per reading), would I have to put that in my taxes?

How do taxes work when renting a car from Lyft?

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I rent a car from Lyft. It costs $258 a week. I make the $258 to cover my rental and roughly an extra $30 that I put towards taxes. Will I have to claim everything as income next year? What can I deduct? The reason I m renting is because I totalled my car and can t afford a new one. I use my Lyft rental to get me... show more

Do I have to report my counterfeit cash income to the IRS?

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Im single father of 3 kids disable can I do taxes?

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Is $300 a week on paycheck goo?

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Best answer: It'd go a long way in China.