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Is Ariana Grande overrated?

20 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Yes she is.


Best answer: She was using him for fame

Ariana Grande unattractive?

102 answers · 7 days ago
Anyone out there who doesn’t think Ariana Grande is attractive? She’s also a very nasty person.

What is Mrs. Claus first name?

9 answers · 12 hours ago
Best answer: The Santa Claus that we know lives in the North Pole. According to some North American sources, his original name was Kris Kringle before he changed his name to Santa Claus. Kris Kringle was a toymaker who married Jessica. Other names found for Mrs Claus are Mary Christmas, Gertrude, and Carol.

Best answer: Hillary probably beats it for him lol

Best answer: Better is totally subjective but one of my all-time favorite movies is Empire Of The Sun starring a very young Christian Bale. Amazing performance.

Best answer: Yes I see them regularly when i check in expensive hotels or restaurants things like that. I met Ronaldo and Will Ferrell recently

The actress that plays Wonder Woman is gorgeous and for the longest time I thought she was Latina, and so did most of my friends. Why do so many people think she's Latina or Italian? One of my friends even thought she was frech. She looks like she could be from anywhere, and that accent doesn't help. Never... show more

Best answer: I'm not sure he was Russian. He could have been from the Ukraine