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asking while a freshman who came from a school who didn't have this but apparently its in most schools. real quickly, what the heLL is wrong with you kids?

Best answer: Kevin, your question reflects your ignorance about the true state of American public education. The US ALREADY SPENDS more money per student per year than ANY OTHER NATION ON EARTH, bar NONE. But we have PRECIOUS LITTLE to show for that investment. FACT: The US national HIGH SCHOOL graduation rate is currently... show more

Is a 2.3 Gpa good for 10th grader?

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What did he mean?

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I was talking with my co-worker today about how my daughter dislikes her school, and wants to go to private school. He said “if I had a daughter I would not send her to private school, they do a lot of bad things there.” What did he mean?

Looking for advice , my son recently while in a lesson had a pencil threw at his eye. At the time the teacher was with another pupil and ignored his screams until another pupil asked if she was going to see if he was ok. He was then told to go to first aid on his own until another a friend chose to go with him the ... show more

Best answer: My friends and I stole some road signs and diverted all the traffic from the major road our school was on into the quadrangle middle of the school during peak hour. We caused major traffic issues through the Eastern of Sydney. It was funny watching people drove through the school grounds with confused looks on... show more

hi. I will try to keep this simple and short. I got in trouble for dress code and for “talking back” . I got two days of in school suspension for it. The people in the office have talked to my mom about it and everything and it was supposed to be just that, in school suspension. However, today I returned to class... show more

She is so awkward and shy, I can't handle working with her any longer. She almost never says anything on her own and just gives one word answers in that quiet voice all the time... I also noticed that her hands were shaking and she cant even make eye contact with me, isnt that silly? She never speaks to anyone... show more

I know multiple kids who get to not go to foreign language classes and not have it affect their grade, and I wanted to research what this was and see if maybe I had it, since I suck at languages, but I don't know what to look up. Anybody know?

One child is in K and is in private. We are about to have another enter school. Tuition has been making us financially strapped. We are unable to save money. My wife heard the schools around us are not good, hence why they are in private. We love the current school. However knowing we could save $600 a month by... show more

I just got back from being a US Senate Page in Washington, D.c. and I feel like I am so restricted at home and I just want to go anywhere else and do anything else, but I still have to stay in high school. Any ideas?

It has been raining for 2 days and will keep raining until Wednesday. the weather Channel says that the Ohio river is at a moderate flood stage. It’s gonna be 3 inches of rain. Please make my day and say it will be closed. sorry this question is so long

Best answer: You work over 40 hours a week and you're only a junior in high school? If you're a junior, then you're most likely still under 18, which means it's not even legal for you to be working that much. There are child labor laws that say that minors can't work full-time hours (over 40 a week IS... show more

This kid at my school is bullying me. I am very weak and can not fight back. He has called me things like "Furry" "Gay" "High" or just overall taunting me. I do not fit into the categories above, so it is very offensive. Not only this kid, but a teacher too. What to do? Should I... show more

Best answer: It marked the start of the new millennium, which we're in right now.

Best answer: If religion is to be taught in public schools, all religions need to be covered, at least in my country, in order to avoid it being unconstitutional.