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A couple of months ago I Enter in business with the Ltd Amway program and now I can't get out of it I've tried contacting the people that signed me up in the first place but now I can't get a hold of anyone. Each month they still take money out of my account. if anyone knows how to cancel a membership... show more

If a carry-out restaurant or a boutique that does not have the software for their customers to be able to order and purchase from them online, in your opinion, what do you think would be a reasonable rate/pricing structure for such businesses. And since different businesses do a different amount of business, how... show more

Any business advice here?

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Best answer: There's a HUGE difference between focusing on cake decorating and running a business with cake decorating as only a small part of it. Stick with what you know. Most decorators work FOR a bakery shop or for a caterer.

Best answer: IF you own it and it is successful why would you give away any controlling interest in the company? Ummmm what is 25% of the profits as it stands right this minute? Let's say they run it into the ground then where would your 24K come from? What is the truth worth is it far in excess of 112K or far less? And... show more

How do you open bed and breakfast?

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I live in an area best described as an economic nightmare. The only reason we don t have 10 percent unemployment is because we lose 2-3 percent of our population every year. I am 54 and in poor health. My wife will not move or sell our house. In 2009 I lost my job. I was earning about $350 per week as a janitorial... show more

How much to charge for babysitting?

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Hi ladies I’m 23 years old . I’m thinking to start babysitting at home I don’t have a license or anything but I do have experience with infant/toddlers and 5-10 yr olds , ive gained my experience through family. How much should I charge for babysitting? Any feedback would be appreciated! I live in Houston Texas .

Hello I m 19 years old and I m interested in starting my own girls scout troop. I ve always wanted to be a girl scout when I was younger but my mother could never afford it. The city I live in does not have a girls scout program however other cities in my state do. I wanted to know if it was legal for me to start... show more

Best answer: No. He owns a money losing convenience store    

I'm an engineer in the computer field and I have my own office without any employee (it is a small office). I run my office just like a lawyer for a case by case. Am I a business owner or self employed?

Best answer: Usually by the lawn and not by the hour. You have to estimate the time you expect it would take and set your fee by that. Some lawns are flat and square and easy, some are not even if the same basic size and will take longer so you charge more. I am guessing that you should base your estimate on about minimum... show more

in fares so I am loosing money. I expect things to improve somewhat at I get to grips with the area and communication system. But yesterday I worked about seven hours and only got £40 not enough to cover cab rent and fuel. Have I bought a pig in a poke?

Best answer: Put an ad on Craig's list. "Laborers needed for cleaning business. Pays minimum wage.' I guarantee you that 96% of the people who apply for the job will not be U.S. Citizens.

Best answer: Why is getting a job impossible? The economy is good right now. I keep seeing reports of lots of people going back to work. The job boards (Ziprecruiter,, Craiglist, etc.) have many job listings. Hell, even the US Postal Service is advertising that there are jobs open. Why can't you get any of... show more

I've contacted about 4 of them and they NEVER reply They're losing money!! Seriously why? Not even the Chinese manufacturers do this They always reply within a few days Seriously the lack of cooperation between manufacturers and small business is definitely part of the problem we have in the USA of... show more