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Can you help me by contacting Walmar, and target? and try and get them to stop selling video games in America

When will ww3 happen? And why?

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Why do grown man like video games?

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Video games are toys and are a waste of time

What PS4 games are popular?

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What are best self defense weapons?

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How powerful is the Taurus Millennium G2 Pistol?

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What is the easiest way to make money online?

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What retro games do you still enjoy playing?

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Is it weird for a girl to like Pokemon?

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Best answer: Nope. I'm a girl, and I love pokemon! provided, I'm hardly the perfect example of feminine grace, but still.

With today's high tuition and low minimum wage a summer job will not hardly make a dent in the tuition bill and will result in the need to take on massive student debt. I came up with one option. and it is to work a full time summer job and save up a few grand to and then plan to place a large four figure bet... show more

Best answer: On a digital storefront, like Steam, once the game is delisted from the store, all pending sales will be voided in the process & game will be removed from the cart of users. HOWEVER, there will USUALLY be an official notice (usually by the publisher / developer of the game) of the game's delisting from... show more

I m 19 years old, I ve been gambling ever since I turned 18. It started low, then I won big alot of money and I thought to myself (this is so easy money, i dont even need a job). Eventually after winning ofcourse I started losing. I thought to myself, "a little bit of bad luck" and tried again and again... show more

I have an old german coin too. what is its value?

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Best answer: Ya I'm down

Best answer: Target is perfect for those weird unusual items that you don't see at your typical store like Walmart. Yes, people shop there. And yes, we use it as a meme too.