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Is Alabama the new Saudi Arabia?

7 answers · Makassar · 6 days ago
Best answer: Sorry you hate children, innocent children.

How soon can an immigrat receive ss and medicare?

7 answers · Jakarta · 1 week ago

Why do vegans have digestive issues?

9 answers · Jakarta · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: They have bowel problems

Best answer: Hard to say. Not great that they haven't called you back yet, though could you do something to get on their radar screen? Send a thank you note, maybe place a phone call, etc.

Best answer: Maelwing. Then you can have his opponents insult him by calling him "Melvin" instead.

Are atheists taking over earth?

26 answers · Mythology & Folklore · 1 month ago

on Fox? Shine, Hannity, Fox and Friends, Judge Jeanine, outright bombardment of Lies For Trump? Lies For Trump, Lies For Trump, Lies For Trump.

My girlfriend of two years who I loved more then anyone I've ever loved left me without notice one day before we move into a apartment. She's 20 I'm 24 she moved all her stuff out of my room when I was at work last week told me she didnt want to move because It was to 30 minutes from our hometown. That... show more

My girlfriend of two years who I was planning on marrying left me with no notice just walked out of my life. She was my best friend girlfriend and only true love I've ever had. I'm having the hardest time going through this break up. I was left randomly she took all of her stuff out of my room she blocked... show more

How do I get my ex back of two years who just packed all her stuff up and left without explanation? She just packed all her stuff stopped coming to see me. I begged for over a week for her to tell me what's going on and she said everything was fine. Then on Tuesday I look at she took all of our pictures down on... show more

What effect will the Florida shooting have on novels?

4 answers · Books & Authors · 1 year ago
Will writers remove firearms, especially assault weapons, from their novels and the characters only use knives, fists, etc.?

Are jokes about German sausages just the wurst?

14 answers · Makassar · 1 year ago