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Best answer: If you are nearsighted, your eyes will look smaller behind your glasses. This effect will depend on how near sighted you are. If you are nearsighted, there is a good chance that your eyes are actually larger than average. Your eyes will appear larger when you don't wear your glasses than when you do.

Which colour is my eye?

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Should I wear contact lenses?

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I’m almost blind in one eye, I can’t do normal thing with that weak eye. If my good eye gets damaged by lense I’m blind.

Best answer: Yes you will need another eye exam

It's been a couple of years, and I never really go out to see the sun... I work from home.. Usually go out when the sun goes down.... I workout and exercise at home, pretty fit.. However, my eyes gets tired most of the time.. I think it's the lack of seeing sun or something.. Or maybe because I stare at the... show more

Best answer: By inspecting your retina and other parts of your eye.

I think I'm blind?

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How do I know if I'm blind or not. In my right eye it's darker than my other eye. When I say that I mean I can see more light around me then in the other eye

Best answer: I have really big dark blue-green eyes. They're dark blue on the outside and have a slightly lighter green ring around them. I guess they're not too bad! My mother has light blue eyes and I always wished I'd had that color instead! But I think all eye colors are lovely :)

Am i going blind?

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I tried to remove my contacts all day yesterday and now.today my vision is blurry and my eyes kinda hurt. What do i do? I was touching the black part btw.

Can you make someone colour blind?

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Best answer: Colour blind people are born that way. Vindictive anal orifices like you can t do anything about that.

it seems like I have like strained , weak eyes a lot after staring at a computer screen all the time, is this normal? why don't hear much about anyone else complaining about it?